SEVERINA SENDS BRUTAL MESSAGE TO MILAN! The singer did THIS in the middle of Zagreb, everyone backed her up

Singer Severina Kojic, who recently lost custody of her 7-year-old son, Alexander, as the court ruled in favor of her ex-partner, Milan Popovic, who received custody, at a concert in Zagreb told her ex-partner through the song “Welcome to the Club” Severina will now only be able to see her son in the terms set out in the verdict, and for the first time she has addressed a message suspected of being sent to her ex-partner, and to her son’s father. photo: Pritnscreen “You, and I, all of you happen to me, welcome to the club, eye to eye, tooth to tooth,” is one of Severina’s big hits, and she sang it along with the audience at a performance in Zagreb, and she thanked for the support on this occasion. photo: Ana Paunkovic, Dado / Photo Printscreen
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