Sumaya Al-Khashab and Ahmed Saad .. With one million pounds, the case was closed

                     After months of controversy and attempts at conciliation between the artists Ahmed Saad and Sumaya al-Khashab, they were reconciled on the issue of a check without balance, which Saad presented against Sumaya, and because of him, he received a sentence of three years imprisonment. The artist, through her lawyer, filed an opposition and the Dokki Misdemeanor Court accepted it, and the case against it was concluded conciliation. The court itself had ruled about two months ago to imprison Sumaya al-Khashab in absentia for a period of three years, accusing him of the misdemeanor of editing a check without balance, in the lawsuit filed by its divorcee, Ahmed Saad, and the ruling included obliging the artist to pay a bail 50 A Pounds for stopping the execution of the ruling, which is the restricted case 17590 of the year 2019. Legal sources confirmed to «Emirates Today» that the artist and assigned her lawyer to hand the lawyer of Ahmed Saad and his agent a check acceptable for payment of one million pounds (the value of the amount of the previous check that got him to the ruling), and the reconciliation took place after the reason ended and the amount was paid, and thus closed the case. Soumia denied reports of reconciliation between her and her ex-wife in private life. She said that what happened closes the file of the case and legal disputes, but it is not a reconciliation between them in the literal sense after all the problems that occurred. Away from the courts, Somaya al-Khashab recently filmed a new song, entitled “Arabia Anna”, in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The song is composed by Soumia, who is also preparing with the artist Ahmed Adam for the play “Oh, right, disappoint,” which will be presented at the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and she will sing two show songs with Adam during the work. Sameh Hussein, Hajjaj Abdel-Azim and Marwa Abdel-Moneim are the artists, who are authored by Mohamed Nabawi and Alaa Hassan.         
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