Jean Paul Gaultier retires from the track

 French super designer Jean Paul Gaultier made a dramatic statement last Friday announcing retirement from the runway after 50 years of activity in the fashion industry. Gauthier, 67, chose to share his followers knowing on the Twitter platform with a video in which he was seen chatting on the phone with a press factor in a joking atmosphere while running around in his studio: “I’m going to give you a scoop” says Goutier, “This is going to be my latest haute couture show. My last Goutier show in Paris. You have to come, you can’t lose it.” His latest show will be on 22 for a month as part of Couture Fashion Week in Paris which starts in the coming days. “This show that celebrates 50 career years will also be my last,” he adds, “but I assure you: Gautier Paris will continue to operate, haute couture will continue. I have a new concept, I’ll tell you about it later “I’ll tell you all the little secrets, but it’s going to continue to exist,” he added in the same staged phone call signed with a kiss. Fashion over the years The mention of the French designer’s name has always been accompanied by a ‘provocative’ title, the title of which has won the courtesy of memorable outfits. The famous cones bra designed for Madonna or the feather costume that brought Dana International to balance on the Eurovision stage in the year 1998. Gauthier is also very recognizable thanks to the Scottish skirts with which he has been around for a long time and in recent years has dressed quite a bit of well-known star Kim Kardashian. The Kardashian arrived at red carpet events in a number of vintage clothes in his design and many a speaker on the golden gown with her arrived at the Grammy Ceremony in 2015. Gaultier stopped designing ready-to-wear collections as early as 2015 to concentrate on the meticulous line of couture and handmade models from the world’s wealthy. About two years ago he put on a cabaret show called Fashion Freak Show detailing his life story. Guttier spent his childhood in the Parisian suburb of Arkill alongside his cosmetic grandmother who gave him the freedom to play and explore her wardrobe, where he found great interest in the collection of corsets. Thanks to the close relationship between his two bears he received the nickname ‘Nana’ and was later renamed by Jean Paul the boy who began to have a strong affinity for fashion. When he was a son 18 he started working at Pierre Carden’s fashion house and although he never studied fashion design, he managed to make an impressive move until he 1976 introduced his first collection in his design . Six years after that show, Goutier set up the fashion house to his name and has since become bold in designing and breaking conventions including the constant striving to blur gender boundaries. Along the way, he introduced models of varying appearance already years ago when he cast the Israeli Stella Amar, who was his muse alongside another Israeli – the model Mickey Mammon. Grand Finale – Gautier invites to his latest fashion show
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