“M Pictures” sent the first teaser “End-Dharma Night” awakens the society

                         Siamrat Online        23 January 2563 17: 32        Entertainment                                                                 “Is there really something called justice in our society?” A short question sentence from the first teaser of the movie. “End-Dharma Night” that awakens the knot inside the mind of the audience as well. Because it corresponds to various events that are currently being considered as issues of interest to society or even real life experiences that many people encounter with themselves !!! “Ending Night – Dharma” is a drama thriller. The latest quality work from “M Pictures” with skilled producers such as Oi-Nonsi Nimibutr, sitting on the podium, directed by Note-Kanakan Pawit Phuwadonwit, who led the story of “Justice” unfolds in a “concrete” perspective, so that viewers can see the picture of the word “justice” more clearly. “End-Night” tells the story of “Manop” (Got-Jirayutantrakul), a young man with a bright future in both work and love. And is about to marry “heart”, but his future has to fall when the heart is hit by a boss named “Sittichon” (Kik-Kiat Kitcharoen) raped, causing Manop to be angry, then attack Saints at the company Leading to unexpected events when the Saints plunged their shot to death Manop was seriously injured. And woke up with the charge of murdering his wife until he was in prison After leaving prison, he met “Kanda” (Pupae-Ramawadi Nakachatri), a psychiatrist who volunteered to heal his mental illness. But over time, she discovered another man she didn’t know. Who stood up as a vigilante, demanding justice for society with violence every night The more night passed, the violence became brutal until it became bloody. And leads to the truth, the mystery behind all events This story will meet the next level of acting ability of a talented actor, Got-Jirayu, who can convey the pain that has to become a “goat” to kill his wife. And disturbs resentment into madness Diverge from status “Victim” becomes “doer” Pupae – Ramavadi, who plays “Doctor Kanda”, must devote himself to the first movie in his own life. In addition, the audience will see the host in a good mood. “Kik-Kiatkitcharoen” turns the characters into serious play in this movie together with Prae-Natthida Dumrongwiset, Panich and Art-Art Rujirawanit. Can watch the first teaser of the movie. “End-Dharma Night” today at the same time 18. 30 PM via https://youtu.be/Snls1pEFCFU and Facebook: https: //www.facebook. com / watch /? v=679043165965569 Track watch movies “End-Dharma Night” can be on 27 this February, every movie theater                  
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