Cash for Rares: dealer shocked by THIS piece – “I'm out …”

                                      Cash for Rares: “Special” item offered – dealer shocked! “I’m out of there!”                                                                                                                                                                                                    at the 25.01.2020 at 10: 43 o’clock      Horst Lichter presents cash for Rares. Photo: AP                               Yikes, what was going on with “Bares for Rares” on ZDF? On Tuesday, restaurateur Günter Hagner carried a small box with great explosiveness to “Bars for Rares”. However, it was not the box of the 59 year-old Bad Sobernheimer that was later to lead to discussions. It was more the content of it.     However, neither Hagner knew exactly what that was, nor “Cash for Rares” presenter Horst Lichter.     “Bares for Rares” (ZDF): Stück shocked dealer Elke Velten-Tönnies     The 59 year old had described the tools from the flea market as “unknown to himself” before he came to the expert table. And Horst Lichter was initially on the wrong track.     “What is that? I actually don’t even have the faintest idea, ”says the“ Bares for Rares ”. Nevertheless, the 58 year old cheerfully started. A flea trap, it could be lights like that.     ————————————                            • More topics:     +++ “Cash for Rares” (ZDF): woman wants to sell toys – then an embarrassing accident happens to a dealer +++     +++ Cash for Rares: Expert examines old machine – suddenly he finds THAT +++     ————————————-     “Cash for Rares”: Not even Horst Lichter knows what it is     Got it wrong, says expert Sven Deutschmanek. The small devices were sewing tools made of bone. But a piece jumped out of line. And probably did not necessarily belong to the bundle, as the expert explained.     ———————-     This is “Cash for Rares”:     “Cash for Rares” will be broadcast on ZDF. The junk show has been around since 2013. The show is moderated by Horst Lichter and is considered the most successful show on ZDF’s afternoon program     ———————–     “Then we have something else that has nothing to do with it. We probably have a letter opener here. Either it was always a letter opener, and only happened to be there. Or it could be a tool that I might use to untangle yarn or whatever. But it’s actually not one of them. ”     ————–     In the past, these pieces had large sums of money for “Bars for Rares”:     Golden cross with wood splinters from the cross of Jesus (42. 000 euro ) Borgward Isabela Cabriolet from 1961 (35. 000 Euro) 10 – Ducat coin of the Holy Roman Empire with a picture of the emperor Ferndinand III. (27. 000 Euro) Bmw Isetta from 1960 (18. 000 Euro) By the way: The lowest bid ever was made for the science fiction books “Perry Rhodan”. 1100 (!) Booklets brought a seller and just got a flop for his proud collection 10 he.     ————–     Ivory causes discussions     And now it’s getting really exciting. The letter opener was not made of bone like the other parts, but of ivory. A fact that should still cause discussion at the dealer table.     So dealer Elke Velten-Tönnies wanted nothing to do with the ivory letter opener. “I’m out of there because I can’t trade ivory. I’ve never had that. It has something to do with me personally, but I can’t. ”     +++ Cash for Rares (ZDF): Woman bursts into tears with THIS offer – “Is that crazy!” +++     A strong decision for animal welfare, even if you could have traded this ivory because it is historical. In the end Günter Hagner was still able to sell his pieces. For 80 euros to Daniel Meyer.     “Bares for Rares” runs every Monday to Friday at 16 on ZDF.     
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