Dolly Parton launched the world trouble: succumbed to Schwarzenegger, Junior and Twiinska!

Dolly Parton caused the world literally a shame! Source: Instagram / an hour ago LOS ANGELES / BRATISLAVA – Although many of her age are at home under a blanket and reading books or crossword puzzles, she has literally triggered a worldly madness. Singer Dolly Parton (74) recently added a collage of photos to Instagram that she would share on a variety of social networks. People got caught up with it, and the Dolly Parton challenge came to conquer the world. When Dolly Parton added a collage of four photos to her instagram account in the last decade of January, choosing each one to share on a social network, she had no idea what she was going to do. A single photograph has literally sparked madness in the world and people have begun to follow this idea. Dolly Parton has literally sparked madness in the world.             Source: Instagram It wasn’t long before the Dolly Parton challenge was created, with more and more people involved. And familiar faces were also tempted. The challenge was accepted by actors, actresses, singers, singers, presenters, models and many others. Even former Governor of California Arnold Swarzenegger has joined. Collages were created by the moderator Junior and twin Veronika Veronika Lowova. And it’s still not over. A few days have passed since the Dolly Parton photo was published, but the challenge is still and the collages are full of social networks. There are almost half a million posts under the hastag #dollypartonchallenge alone, and more are added. Some have even involved their pets in the challenge, so there are also collages of dogs, cats or birds. The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger was also involved in the Dolly Parton challenge.             Source: Instagram The challenge was also accepted by beautiful twin Veronika Veronika.             Source: Instagram Dolly Parton’s challenge also attracted Junior.             Source: Instagram Who else has been absorbed by Dolly Parton challenge, you can see in our gallery: The challenge of Dolly Parton has succumbed to many familiar faces! Have you joined the Dolly Parton challenge?
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