February 4 World Cancer Day slogan: “I am determined and I will”! What is World Cancer Day?

 What is World Cancer Day? World Cancer Day is annually carried out by the World Cancer Day Cancer Control Organization on February 4th to raise attention and raise awareness. WHAT IS THE WORLD CANCER DAY? It also invites governments and individuals to act for cancer. World Cancer Day was organized for the first time 2005 by the International Organization for Cancer Control (UICC). In the same year, it was started by the Turkish Cancer Research and War Association Association in our country, and it has been one of the biggest campaigns in the world and in our country. . Gülten Kaptan says this is a call to action. “This commitment to action has been created with the expectation that it will lead to a strong advance in reducing the global impact of cancer. We need a commitment to create a cancer-free world, ”explains Kaptan. This applies to all cancers except leukemia (blood cancer). If left untreated, the tumors can grow and spread through the surrounding normal tissue or other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic systems. It can even affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems or release hormones that can affect body function. Smoking is seen as one of the biggest risk factors. In addition to smoking; risk factors such as excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, and inadequate and unbalanced nutrition can also be counted. It is stated that the most important risk factor that cannot be prevented at the moment is age and this is higher in people 50 and above. Professor Dr. Gülten Kaptan, according to the research of the World Health Organization; He says that by implementing resource-appropriate strategies for cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, many people’s lives can be saved every year. “The exposure to risk factors such as tobacco, obesity, physical inactivity, infections, alcohol, pollution, occupational carcinogens, and radiation can be reduced by over a third of all cancers,” says the captain. Reducing exposure to other carcinogens, such as environmental pollution, occupational carcinogens, and radiation, may also help prevent other cancers. ”“ NURSES MORE RESPONSIBILITY ”All healthcare professionals, especially physicians and nurses, play a key role in cancer prevention and care for all the world and their countries. Stating that nurses, who are at the center of healthcare provision, should assume important responsibilities in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Dr. Gülten Kaptan, “World Health Organization (WHO), 2020 ‘s Florence Nightingale 200. In his honor of the anniversary of his birth, he set it as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”. 2020 is important in the context of nursing and midwifery empowerment within the scope of “universal health” for the World Health Organization. This strengthening will greatly contribute to the prevention, care and treatment of cancer and other diseases. ” The captain continues his evaluations and suggestions as follows: “Nurses are important members of the healthcare team in cancer prevention and control throughout life. To prepare nurses for this important role, all nurses should start training programs on cancer prevention and detection. The main task of the oncology nurse is to supervise cancer patients and provide nursing care. In order to prevent cancer and control, it is necessary to reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer and to improve the quality of life of (cancer) people and their families. Preparing a well-designed National Cancer Control Program, filling the gap between knowledge and practice and bringing nurses to the fore as the most effective tool to achieve this goal is extremely important. ”
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