10 foods that help boost immunity

                 Healthy and balanced diet, with the presence of vitamins and minerals, is essential to increase immunity and prevent diseases / Credits: Thinkstock Excessive tiredness, long-term colds and weight loss are some consequences generated by low immunity, when the body’s defenses are compromised and cannot stop viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. According to the nutritionist at Estância do Lago – Spa & Wellness Thais Brito, food is one of the main factors to guarantee the strengthening of immunity. “Having a healthy and balanced diet, with the presence of vitamins and minerals, is essential to increase immunity and prevent diseases. There needs to be a balance, with colorful dishes, that explore all macro and micronutrients, consumed in various meals during the day, in foods of good origin ”, he points out. Check out ten foods that help boost immunity: Garlic: it has selenium, zinc and allicin, important substances to prevent colds, colds, inflammations and infections; Onion: natural anti-inflammatory, it brings flavor to food and helps to reduce sodium and the amount of salt in the food. The onion also acts in the greater absorption of nutrients, such as calcium, essential for the bones; Citrus fruits: orange, tangerine, acerola, lemon, strawberry and kiwi are some examples rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, promotes resistance to respiratory infections and flu and helps in the absorption of nutrients present in other foods; + Click here and check the complete street racing calendar! Ginger: has an important bactericidal action and helps mainly in throat infections. Rich in antioxidants and with good doses of vitamin B6 and C, ginger is one of the best immune system boosters; Beet: with high potassium content, it helps in controlling blood pressure and helps to strengthen immunity and combat the effects of aging with vitamin C; Shitake mushroom: it is rich in lentinan, a substance that increases the production of defense cells. It also has fibers, which help to satisfy hunger; Dark green vegetables: examples such as broccoli, kale, spinach and arugula are sources of iron, folic acid, antioxidants and vitamins A, B6 and B 12, which act in the maturation of immune cells, enhancing the immune system and protecting against various diseases; Natural Yogurt: it has lactobacilli with probiotic properties, which are good bacteria. They work to improve the intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system; Chestnuts: they are rich in selenium, zinc and vitamin E, which boosts the immune system by containing B lymphocytes, which produce antibodies in the body; Meats: they have amino acids, vitamin B 12, iron and zinc, which bring immunity benefits when consumed in the right amount.     
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