“He stuck in his hair and really beat”: Burunov avenged the famous actress for a broken nose

Actress Olga Dibtseva had a fight on the set with the star of the series “Policeman from Rublevka” Sergei Burunov. Staged the brawl at some point turned into a real fight. Olga and Sergey first met in 2015 year. Actors played lovers in the series “Concerned, or Love of Evil”. Dibtseva and Burunov quickly became friends and always gladly met each other on the site. Meanwhile, one episode almost forever quarreled friends. IN that day, the artists filmed a fight scene. According to the script, the heroes of Olga and Sergey first They sorted out the relationship for a long time, and then they had a fight. On the last take, the director ordered Dibtseva to take the bag and slam Burunov in the face with it. For greater certainty, it was necessary to strike with all strength. “I obediently take a bag with a buckle, brandished and hit Sergei on the nose. Burunov right there bites into my hair and starts to hit me for real – in revenge. And here we are so we fight with him, “recalls Olga Dibtseva. The actors were so carried away that they did not hear the stop command from the director. According to Olga, she and her colleague looked like cats in the trash.   Fight Frames turned out to be very effective, they even went into the final installation. Sergey Burunov received in the face not in vain. “Remember, my blood is on you!” – Now the actor is joking with his colleague. Soon, the artist and her friend will meet again at film set, in the new season of the series “Mylodrama”. Olga Dibtseva, who recently became a mother not so long ago, will join Sergey Burunov after leaving maternity leave, StarHit reports with reference to “7 Days”.
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