Health: Health participates in public hearing on coronavirus

The Secretary of Health of Paraná, through the Division of Epidemiological Surveillance, participated this Thursday (13), in the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná, in a public hearing on the New Coronavirus. The purpose of the hearing was to inform about the actions that Brazil and Paraná are taking and to alert clearly and objectively how people can protect themselves from the disease. The Health Surveillance Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Wanderson Kleber de Oliveira, participated by videoconference. Responsible for the area that coordinates the control and monitoring actions at the Ministry of Health, Oliveira presented the epidemiological scenario of Brazil and the world and highlighted Paraná for the actions, mobilization and preparation of its teams to face the disease. “Paraná is very well aligned with the determinations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. The organization with regard to coping with the disease that is being carried out is exemplary. The contingency plan has already been sent to the Ministry of Health and is very well prepared ”. The coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Secretariat of Health, Acácia Nasr, spoke of the importance of the three spheres of government working together at this time. “It is very important for public health that both the Federal, State and Municipal Government are aligned. Our professionals are being trained, hospitals are prepared and the contingency plan is synchronized to fight the virus and protect the population ”. PREVENTION – The COE (Emergency Operations Center) is alert for prevention information, which at the moment is the same as indicated for other respiratory syndromes, such as Influenza. The main preventive measures are: avoid close contact with people with acute respiratory infections; washing your hands frequently, especially after direct contact with sick people and before eating; use disposable tissue for nasal hygiene; cover nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing; do not share personal items such as cutlery, plates, glasses or bottles. According to Luiz Ernesto Pujol, secretary general of the Regional Medical Council of Paraná, in addition to hygiene care and respiratory etiquette, one of the ways to prevent the spread of the virus is information. “No governmental action will be enough if the information that reaches the population is not correct, the solution to fight the disease is in the participation of each one,” he said. Learn more about the work of the State Government at: http: /// e
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