How Sergio Denis's health continues 11 months after his fall: “There is no connection between his brain and the world”

The fall of Joaquín Sabina (71) during a show in Madrid, when he tripped and fell into a pit that separated the stage from the public, reminded many Argentines of the tragic show in which Sergio Denis (70) stumbled and fell into a well three meters deep.A 11 months of the accident, the singer continues to be admitted to the ALCLA clinic in the neighborhood of Belgrano and his condition is delicate. It is that the interpreter of I love you so much and A little crazy, among other successes, has not reawakened, victim of the brain damage he suffered. “It’s the same every month. Sergio did not leave the state he has since the accident happened. There is nothing new. He opens his eyes and nothing else. He is not connected with reality and nobody knows what happens inside his brain.” , Carlos Hoffman, the singer’s brother, told Clarin. Sergio Denis’s last presentation in his hometown, on 18 on November 2018. Photos: Ezequiel Villa As for the treatment that the musician receives in that neurological rehabilitation clinic, his brother explained that doctors “do what they can to keep their muscles functioning” through certain exercises. “But there is no connection of his brain with the world. We have to accept what is happening and have faith that something different can happen,” said Carlos, who like Nora, his sister, and his nephews, are constantly at Artist side Carlos Hoffman, brother of the musician. “Sergio is the same. There is no significant progress in his recovery. He opens and closes his eyes and gets annoyed on certain occasions which shows he has sensations. But he does not show a progressive symptomatology,” said Diego Colombo, attorney, representative and friend of the The singer-songwriter, when consulted by this newspaper. In addition, Colombo said that his client’s children did not initiate any legal action against the Mercedes Sosa theater in Tucumán, where the terrible fall occurred, although they do not rule out doing so in the future. “We are talking about it but for the moment nothing,” said the lawyer. In the same tuning, Sergio’s brother expressed himself, who assured that his nephews are evaluating to make some kind of presentation to prevent similar accidents from occurring. Meanwhile, when comparing the fall of Sabina with that of his peer, he observed: “My brother’s problem is that he fell backwards and there you have no defense.” Diego Colombo, lawyer and friend of Sergio Denis for more than 50 years. Denis crashed on 11 March last year while providing a show at the aforementioned theater. Everything went normally until the song I call you to say goodbye, when he lost his balance and fell from almost three meters to a pit without covering. Quickly, the interpreter’s fans approached to help him and called an ambulance that transferred him to the Angel C. Padilla hospital in that province. The singer arrived at that medical center with “brain bruises, multiple bruises, a hemorrhage, an important edema brain, a fracture of the temporal bone in the head and a fracture at the level of the clavicle and shoulder blade. ” In this sanitary plane Sergio was transferred from Tucumán to Buenos Aires. There he remained interned until 13 April 2019, when he was referred to Buenos Aires in a sanitary plane and interned in the Sanatorium of Los Arcos, where he was practiced thoracic surgery and an operation of the abdomen “for a serious intestinal infectious process”. Look also Weeks later, the artist was transferred to the rehabilitation center where he remains until today and it is the same clinic where Gustavo Cerati was admitted after having suffered a stroke. TOPICS THAT APPEAR ON THIS NOTE
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