Kinga Rusin at another star! Fans keep making fun of her!

                                                                                                                                     Kinga Rusin (48 l.) Makes the most of his time spent in the United States. The storm it caused by publishing a photo of Adel and describing a private party of Hollywood stars she apparently managed to get to is still not over. Now she has decided to spend some time with our Polish star – Joanna Krupa (40 l.).                                                                                       Poland has not caused such a sensation in global show business for a long time. The photo that Kinga Rusin published circulated the world. Of course, it’s about the photo from Adele at the pooscarowy party, where the biggest stars of the world had fun. The journalist meticulously described the course of the “secret” event and revealed some interesting details. No wonder that the photo and description caused such a sensation. Kinga, however, removed the entry along with the famous photo, explaining that it caused a madness, which she did not expect. Her amazing adventure quickly became a reason for jokes and harsh comments in the media. Rusin decided to take a break from it all and spent some time with another Polish star – Joanna Krupa. This time it was not a journalist, but a model, who boasted a photo with Kinga, who is holding her daughter, Ashia. “A perfect day for me to spend time with such a wonderful man who fights for a better fate of those who cannot defend themselves. It’s nice to have friends like Kinga Rusin around them” – wrote Krupa. In the comments many people were delighted with the charming picture, but they found themselves and those who are still making fun of Kinga: “Did Mrs. Kinga slippers on?”, “you can see that tired after the party, some … different”, “Kacora has probably. So many stars around and each insists on a cup it can be bothersome, “” Kuria Kinia, probably on a light hangover after a party with Jay Z, “” “And everyone laughed and fooling around holding Leo’s hand, Beyonce surreptitiously looked with jealousy and Cooper gave lustful glances. Where are all the slippers on disguise ?? ” – there were quite a lot of such comments under Kinga and Asia’s photo. The journalist, however, probably is not laughing in this whole situation anymore.      *** See more video content:                                                                         
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