Obesity Affects Menstruation

There is a relationship between weight gain and menstruation. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Obesity can have a negative impact on one’s body condition. One of the bad effects is disrupting menstruation for women. “Because there is a connection between weight gain and menstrual disorders,” said obstetrician and fertility consultant obstetrician at Pondok Indah Hospital, Kanadi Sumapraja, in Jakarta, Thursday (13 / 2). Furthermore, he explained, the accumulation of fat in the body increases the work of the hormone insulin which functions to regulate blood sugar levels. This will lead to disruption of egg maturation. “Therefore, one effort that can be done to improve fertility in people experiencing menstrual disorders plus obesity is to reduce their fat tissue,” said Kanadi. Another way for the gland producing insulin hormone is not damaged , doctors can prescribe drugs to increase hormone sensitivity so that its working power is down. This method is done not to damage the gland that produces the hormone insulin because it is forced to produce insulin levels with high levels. “We give drugs that can increase the sensitivity of the hormone insulin, so this hormone can be lowered,” said Kanadi. In addition, it is also important to improve the condition of their body with obesity that is improving food intake and activity. Trying to improve the condition of his body, by reducing fat tissue by improving food intake and activity. “So there is a balance between calories in and out,” concluded Kanadi. On different occasions, obstetrics and gynecology specialists at Bunda Jakarta General Hospital, Cindy Rani Wirasti had say, excessive body fat or deficiency causes the disruption of the formation of hormones that lead to irregular periods. Fatty, is a source of hormone formation. If the intake is not balanced, the formation of hormones is disrupted. Cindy suggested that women should have a normal body mass index, namely 19 – 23. READ ALSO: Republika.co.id Perspective Political News Update, Click Here
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