South Solok Record 50 Cases of DHF During 2019

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PADANG ARO – Health Office (DHO) of Solok Selatan Regency, West Sumatra recorded 50 cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) during 2019. Of the cases recorded one person died. “The highest level of DHF vulnerability in the District of Pauah Duo with 23 cases and one person died,” said Head of the South Solok Health Office Novirman, Thursday (13 / 2). DHF cases during the year 2019 were highest in April with 12 cases and January with 10 case. In order to anticipate dengue fever in 2020, he will conduct a field inspection of mosquito larvae that cause dengue. “Based on the evaluation 2019 most dengue cases occur in April. Then starting in March 2020 we conducted a field check on mosquito larvae that cause dengue fever, “he said. In addition, consideration was carried out on larvae in March because the month was expected to be the end of the rainy season. Thus the potential of mosquitoes that cause dengue fever to develop is getting higher. This field check will be prioritized in the sub-district where there were many cases the previous year, Pauh Duo. He urged people to prioritize environmental cleanliness and don’t forget to apply three M pluses. Three M plus, namely draining, closing, and reusing used goods that have the potential to develop dengue mosquitoes. While the plus can be by sprinkling larvaside powder in water reservoirs that are difficult to clean, using mosquito repellent, using mosquito nets while sleeping, maintaining larva predators mosquitoes, and others. The application of three M plus is an effort to prevent mosquitoes that cause dengue fever from multiplying. According to Novirman, there have been many people who think that eradicating mosquitoes that cause dengue fever by fogging is effective even though it is three M plus. “If fogging only kills adult mosquitoes while the larvae will be immune. Therefore we invite the community to implement three M pluses,” he explained. ALSO: Political Perspective News Updates,, Click Here
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