Doctor explains how mononucleosis can be avoided at Carnival

Carnival is coming and to have fun safely, revelers must be careful not to catch mononucleosis, known as kissing disease, whose risk of infection increases at that time. It is an infectious disease, caused by a virus, with mild clinical characteristics, that cause fever, malaise with adenomegaly, that is, ganglia mainly around the neck and sore throat. “The disease is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which is easily transmitted from person to person. For this reason, it is known as the kissing disease ”, said today (13) the doctor of the State Department of Health of Rio de Janeiro (SES), sanitarist Alexandre Chieppe. He explained that, in fact, The disease is not transmitted by the kiss itself, but by intimate contact with the respiratory secretions of an infected person. “It is this intimate contact that transmits the virus that causes the disease” he said.Photo: Tânia Rêgo / Agência Brasil Infectious disease, caused by viruses, causes fever and the risk of infection grows at this time of the yearThe kiss is a form of intimate contact , which facilitates the spread of the virus. The disease is transmitted in a similar way to the flu, to the common cold, through contact with secretions from infected people. “And, sometimes, it’s not just through direct contact with secretions. It may be through indirect contact, through contaminated surfaces on which the person places his hand, takes his hand to his mouth, the mucosa of his eyes or nose and there may be infection ”, he explained. The doctor explained that the vast majority of people transmit mononucleosis in its acute form. The big problem with infectious diseases is that, in their initial phase, they are very similar. Clinical symptoms are very difficult to differentiate in the initial stage, explained Chieppe. Hence the recommendation for the person to look for a health service and make an initial evaluation, with medical monitoring. “Mononucleosis is not a serious disease, most of the time. But it can be confused with other diseases that can be serious ”, he warned. This disease is not usually serious in people who have an immune system prepared. Like any respiratory transmission disease, there are precautionary measures that must be taken, such as washing your hands frequently, using alcohol gel on your hands, covering your mouth. and the nose when sneezing to prevent the expelled secretions from coming into contact with the environment and to avoid places of great agglomeration that are poorly ventilated. “These are measures that help to prevent respiratory transmission diseases. Obviously, they are allies. Along with this, once with the symptoms of the disease, the person should seek medical help even to be able to rule out more serious diseases ”, suggested the doctor. He noted that Carnival has always existed, just as mononucleosis. Therefore, in the midst of euphoria, each person must assess the risk, knowing that respiratory diseases can be transmitted by intimate contact. The tip is that each one must make an informed decision about the risks and possibilities of disease transmission. “But that you take advantage of Carnival with the necessary care, in order to avoid respiratory transmission diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV (acronym) in English of the human immunodeficiency virus), syphilis and viral hepatitis transmitted by sexual contact ”said. Chieppe also affirmed that it is recommended that utensils for personal use, such as plates, cutlery and glasses, should not be shared with other people. The reason for this is that many infectious diseases can be transmitted, even by people who sometimes do not show symptoms of any disease. Hence the suggestion to, whenever possible, avoid sharing personal objects with friends and with the largest number of people. “This, obviously, increases the risk of transmission of infectious diseases”, concluded the sanitarist. The infectologist Flávia Cunha Gomide said that the symptoms of the disease usually last from two to four weeks. He clarified that “there is no specific treatment for the disease of kissing. Generally, rest and medications that alleviate symptoms are indicated. ”According to the doctor, having healthy habits, exercising, good food and adequate hours of sleep increase the resistance of the partygoers to defend themselves against infections during Carnival.
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