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The new season “Germany’s next top model 2020” with Heidi Klum started on ProSieben. A candidate revealed a family drama. The third episode in the Ticker.Am 30. January started the new season “Germany’s next top model by Heidi Klum” on ProSieben                 Week 3 is a hot beach shoot                 Heidi’s “Meeeedchen” faces a special challenge at the Elimination Catwalk. Here you can read the entire course of the third episode of the new “Germanys next Top Model” season with Heidi Klum: 22. 28 PM: We say goodbye to Saskia and Malin. Too bad chocolate, it just shouldn’t be. But we’re still looking forward to next Thursday when Heidi Klum’s “Meeedchen” is running again. 22. 26 PM: Next week’s motto is ACTION. As a hot stunt girl, Heidi’s “Meeedchen” have to prove their skills. Also next Thursday no eye will stay dry. 22. 24 o’clock: The melanchonic music gives a hint before Heidi Klum speaks it out. Malin also has to leave the ProSieben casting show. 22. 19 Uhr: Now the last decisions are made. Who still gets one of the coveted photos by Heidi Klum and who has to say goodbye? 22. 04 o’clock: We are already running out of names for Tamara. Zicken-Queen, Diva and Mecker-Aunt. The fact is, she has something to complain about. Well, and then it comes how it had to come. Although she already considers herself the supermodel personally, she messes up her decision-making walk. But despite an extensive rain shower, she gets a photo. Maybe someone should have given her the shampoo. 22. 00 PM: As beautiful as Heidi’s GNTM girls are, we really ask ourselves: What the hell are the candidates wearing? Seems like someone has let off steam with a roll of cling film. 21. 55 Uhr: There it was, the dreaded saying: “Unfortunately I have no photo for you today”. For Saskia the big top model journey ends here and now. 21. 51 o’clock: And then suddenly it went awkward with candidate Nadine. Definitely a welcome change from the tropical temperatures in Costa Rica. Joan Smalls and Heidi Klum are super enthusiastic despite the belly landing – “You got up very cool again.” 21. 43 Uhr: ProSieben is taking a break, but the preview already promises one thing: The first candidate makes a departure on the smooth catwalk. If this continues, there will soon be visible abdominal muscles with laughter.— lrstrash (@lrstrash) February 13, 2020 21. 38 o’clock: Ready, set, go. The girls stand in the water up to their ankles. As if it wasn’t wet enough yet, there is a fat rain shower at the beginning. Trip hazards guaranteed. 21. 29 O’clock: after the shoot is before the decision walk. It’s going to be super wet today. Heidi’s “Meeeedchen” have to prove themselves on a water catwalk. With it is supermodel and guest judge Joan Smalls. No matter whether Vogue cover or Gucci fashion show, she made it to the top! 21. 18 Uhr: It will be really emotional soon. Candidate Maribel tells the other candidates about their sad past. In a terrible car accident three years ago, the GNTM girl lost her entire family. Her parents and sister were on their way back from vacation in Croatia when a truck crashed into them. Suddenly Maribel lost her most important caregivers and her three dogs … Today she lives with her grandmother and now wants to make her family proud at GNTM. The horse shoot brought back special memories. Because after the death of her parents and sisters, she found support with her mother’s horse, with exits and pats in the stable. 21. 10 PM: Arrogance has one in this GNTM season Name: Tamara! She sounds big that she grants everyone, but her face speaks volumes. Nobody can be any better than she is. Too bad, Valeria, you will be on her shooting list after you have been chosen as the photographer’s favorite. Let this year’s goat games begin. 20. 59 PM: Whaaat , did Marie have a self-tanning accident? She shows up on the set with orange hands. But we are wrong. Carrots are to blame. Would she have preferred to feed the horse with it … Marie can be glad that the horse did not mistake her for a carrot. #GNTM— The Couchicker (@Der_Couchticker) February 13, 2020 20. 57 Clock: “A true work of art” – model mom Heidi Klum from tattoo girl Mareike is so enthusiastic. But that’s probably the least. After all, she has 24. 000 euros placed on the table. 20. 47 o’clock: fear of spiders? We can understand. Afraid of height? Can we understand too? But afraid of horses? Ironically adrenaline junkie Nadine is terrified of her four-legged friends. Seems like the first tear drama of this episode is about to begin. And seconds later they were there – the first tears when Nadine Heidi told Klum about her dramatic past. 20. 45 o’clock: “I’m not operated yet” – Yes, we got it, at the latest after the 43434 time. Transgender girl Lucy does without an extra sausage and cheats everything with tape. 20. 43 PM: I have a horse, a monkey and a horse … Hello, catchy tune! But wait, we’re at “Germany’s next top model” – so only one horse and 25 “Meeeedchen”, who pull naked. 20.31 Clock: Phuuuu, done it! Take a deep breath, check whether you can still walk and mentally prepare for the beach shoot. Because now it’s getting really hot! Just as God created them, the 25 candidates have to pose with a horse. Wait, really all 25 girls? No. Chick Julia P. is still cute 17 years young and gets a sexy skin-colored granny panties from Heidi presented.— sarah (@helloimsaarah) February 13, 2020 20. 18 Uhr: Hach, what was boring last week? But as soon as Heidi’s “Meeeedchen” stumbles across the catwalk in her shoes that are too tight and stumbles through the area, life finally makes sense again. (20. Uhr: Problem girl this year is definitely Lucy. It’s really a surprise when you suddenly have to run in high heels. Nobody else has done in recent years. We are on the catwalk for more sneakers. 20. 18 o’clock: chilling at the pool and working on the summer tan? Nope! Heidi Klum visits her “Meeeedchen” in Schlumpfhausen. So put on mega high heels and the private catwalk training can begin. Especially transgender girl Lucy needs an extra portion of exercise. 20. 17 o’clock: Today every tiny mole, every mini tattoo and every bacon fold is revealed. Because: Yes, Heidi Klums is serious! It means: undress, undress, undress. 20. 14 Clock: turn on ProSieben, feet up, open the chip bag – let’s go! 20. 00 Uhr: Only one can become Germany’s next top model. Only one appears on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR. Only one gets a contract with the agency ONEeins fab and only one can 100. 000 Win euros. The same goes and we’re super excited. 19. 30 Uhr: In 45 minutes they finally run again! We are really excited which “Meeeedchen” will provide drama, crying cries and screeching at “Germany’s next Top Model” today. And while Heidi Klums Girl pulls her stomach in for the hot beach shoot, we’d rather treat ourselves to a delicious ice cream. Update from 13. February 2020 at 16. 13 PM: Who would have thought that the hot GNTM shoot on the beach will cause tears? Right, ALL! But candidate Nadine provides a huge surprise. Heidi Klum’s “Meeedchen” doesn’t cry because she has to drop the covers, but because … Warning, spoiler alarm! … she is afraid of horses. Fellow campaigner Maribel and transgender girl Lucy can instead wait and see to pose with the pretty four-legged friends. Update from 13. February 2020 at 10. 40 Uhr: Schni, scha, snap! We are already looking forward to the big makeover at “Germany’s next             Topmodel “are looking forward to all the drama, tears and shouting that the visit to the hairdresser at Heidi Klum’s” Meeedchen “causes. But already in episode 3 there are the first problems as candidate Tamara for the big water catwalk It doesn’t suit what the stylists are going to do with her. The drama takes its course as she teases: “I am the one who gets such a shit hairstyle … disgusting.” Two weeks of the new “Germany’s Next Top Model “season with Heidi Klum are now behind us. Two weeks full of screeching, the first shoot in the jungle, the first catwalk trip hazards and big eliminations. After the first week on Costa Rica there are still 25 “Meeeeeedchen”, who may continue to accompany Heidi Klum on the big top model trip. Also on Thursday at 20. 15 Clock on ProSieben are waiting for us dramatic scene in South America. Moments there s brings one or the other GNTM girl to her limits. GNTM 2020: Hotter, hotter ….. Heidi Klum’s “Meeeeedchen” on Costa RicaWhich shooting is the most feared in the entire GNTM career? Right! The place where they show how God created them – completely uncovered. This week the 25 competitors will go to a paradise beach in Costa Rica. Then, in a jiffy, it’s time to move out! Together with a majestic horse, Heidis Girls have to pose as much as possible, as * reports. We are already certain: this special shoot will surely cause one or the other tear drama. GNTM 2020 by Heidi Klum: Dreaded water catwalk is waiting for the GNTM girls In the third week it will be very, very wet for Heidi’s GNTM girls. Actually a welcome change in the tropical temperatures in Costa Rica. But the catwalk waiting for the “Meeeedchen” reveals the great catwalk weaknesses of the candidates. The 25 candidates run before the big elimination before it says again “Unfortunately I have no photo for you today” in transparent mega High heels through ankle-high water and have to prove what they’re made of. Modelmama Heidi has just chosen this difficulty to see “(…) how to deal with an absolutely difficult challenge. Your attitude on the walk is more important to me than the walk itself.” Pssssscht! Also this week Heidi Klum does not judge the skills of her “Meeedchen” alone – this time with supermodel Joan Smalls. We are excited to see who will master the decision-making walk with flying colors and who will squeeze a few tears. In week three, Heidi Klum’s GNTM girls have to face a hot shoot and a water catwalk. © ProSieben / Sven DoornkaatQuelle: * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.                 List of rubric lists: © ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat
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