Health Department brings prevention and health promotion services to the Carnival of Boa

DRT .RJ 15855 Ivomar Gomes Pereira. In order to guarantee the safety of the revelers, the João Pessoa Health Department made available on this first day of the ‘Carnaval de Boa 2020’ teams Epidemiological Surveillance, through the section of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Health Surveillance and the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu). IST Section professionals distributed around 25 a thousand male and female condoms and 30 thousand lubricating gels for partygoers. “We mobilize mainly to make the population aware of the importance of making sex safe, using condoms and thus also protecting the partner,” said Daniel Batista, manager of Epidemiological Surveillance. During this carnival, it is expected that around 1 million condoms and 100 thousand lubricating gels will be distributed. In the period from January to October 2019 the Municipal Health Department distributed more than 1.9 million condoms and about 700 thousand lubricating gels. From January to October 2019 the municipal health network carried out 36, 8,000 rapid HIV tests and 31, 9,000 rapid syphilis tests. In addition to these tests, the services also perform rapid tests for Hepatitis B and C. Emergency Services – The teams from the João Pessoa Mobile Emergency Service (Samu-JP) performed nine on-site visits, without the need for removal. “It was a very peaceful shift. Usual clinical visits were made, due to the ingestion of drinks or malaise, ”said Humberto Nascimento, administrative coordinator. For the Vumbora blocks, which goes down the Folia Corridor on Friday (14), and the Athletes Block, which takes place on Saturday (15), Samu-JP will provide two Basic Life Support Units (USB), one of which will be installed in the concentration at Av. Epitácio Pessoa, Antigo Station 99 and one on the side of the Pão de Açúcar supermarket, in the Miramar neighborhood. In addition to the extra ambulances, a pair of traveling motolances will also accompany the blocks. Food Surveillance – The Health Surveillance management supervised, on this first day of revelry 117, merchants, including suppliers of snacks (hamburgers and snacks), drinks, broths, acarajés, skewers, cane juice and Chinese food. The purpose of the inspection was to ensure that the products, as well as the services provided, have a level of quality that eliminates or minimizes the possibility of harmful effects to health, caused by the consumption of inappropriate goods and services. You can also send information to the portal by whatsapp 83 98149 3906.
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