Liene Shomase suffered a minor injury. Explains it as a “sign from space”

“The evening started for me very dramatically. I had forgotten to blow the candle in the candlestick. I got up to blow it and hit the candlestick opening door. And then just all the fun began, “Liene remembers the bad events. The singer is convinced that such an event is not a coincidence, but a kind of sign sent by God, the Cosmos, or the Universe:” I was really running. All this is very new to me. To show my life in public is something new to me. I’ve never been so open. I think it all comes together – little excitement, stress and everything else that goes on around. There’s a lot of beautiful news in the Studio too, and I think that’s the emotion that comes together, ”Liene says. She also remembers the events of last year, when a black cat fell from her balcony on the head at the end of the summer, causing her to have a concussion. “And now this eye – something to think about, maybe something different in life.” It is interesting that the singer also uses the power of stones in the treatment of the injured eye. “I have many different stones. This stone is more in harmony. And if something hurts, you put it on and he harmonizes it, ”explains Liene.
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