Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström is single and longs for a partner

Mikael Sandström is single – but would love to find someone who can keep his heart warm. Recently he went on holiday to the Maldives, it might sound nice, but there was also something else there with Mikael Sandström. – It would be more fun to go with someone you really like, of course, but now I have no such thing and you can not lie down and die, he says and laughs. Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström, 62, is constantly seen in “News Morning” where he answers viewers’ questions. Recently, the doctor was on vacation in the Maldives – where he went with himself to write a new book. The new book will be about “can you explain what the doctor said”. – The most common question we get in “News Morning” is that the patient has been with the doctor but has not understood what he or she said, says Mikael Sandström. – It’s such a big communication problem. Then I have lots of fun stories that come along too. “It is the paradise of the married and engaged” So what was it like to go to the Maldives – one of the destinations where many newlyweds go on honeymoon – when he is single. – It is tricky to go, it is the paradise of the married and engaged, the Maldives. But so it was, says the doctor. Did it feel bad that you weren’t married or engaged? – There are times when you find it a bit boring to go on vacation yourself. Then there are times when it is very nice too. Mikael Sandström does not hide under the chair because it would also have been nice to go with someone you love extra. – It would be more fun to go with someone you really like a lot, but now I have no such thing and you can don’t lie down and die. – Life goes on. Soldier Doctor’s message about Lotta Engberg But then Lotta Engberg? Surely you wonder. In an article in the Aftonbladet, the host said that she could imagine going on a date with Mikael Sandström. Then everything went megafort, “The soldier” replied in another article that he could also go on a date and so flip – so Lotta Engberg over Sandström to the West Coast. But what happened then? – She was wonderfully nice but that has been straightened out. Maybe next time I have contact with her it will be private and then I will not tell you. Have you booked in to see? – No comment, says Mikael Sandström and laughs.
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