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  Paraná today has 149, 53 confirmed cases of dengue per 100 thousand inhabitants, an incidence that characterizes the state of Alert for epidemiological purposes. Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior signed on Thursday (13) a decree establishing a State of Alert in Paraná to combat and control the Aedes Aegypti mosquito , transmitter of dengue and other diseases. The document, also signed by the Chief of Staff, Guto Silva, and by the Secretary of Health, Beto Preto, explains that “the State of Alert is understood as the scenario in which there is at least 313865 confirmed cases of a specific disease for every 100 thousand inhabitants of the population ”. Paraná today has 149, 53 confirmed cases of dengue per 100 thousand inhabitants, an incidence that characterizes the state of Alert for epidemiological purposes. “We have a task force installed all over the state, already working in joint efforts, removing breeding sites and providing guidance to the population, and we need the help of everyone from Paraná in this fight against the vector of dengue: there are more 20 thousand confirmed cases of the disease in Paraná, from August 2019 until now; 13 deaths; 62 epidemic municipalities and about 65 thousand notifications for the disease. That is why our concern and concentration of efforts in this fight ”, affirmed the Secretary of State for Health, Beto Preto. Among the measures highlighted in the document are the full functioning of the Dengue Control Intersectoral Committee, composed of representatives from all areas of the Government and organized civil society, and the mobilization, throughout the State, to intensify home visits for identification mosquito outbreaks and their elimination by mechanical, chemical or biological means, in all properties in the area identified as potentially transmitters. The decree also emphasizes that the SUS authority in the municipalities, whenever necessary, should request the complementary action of the State and the Union, aiming to increase the effectiveness of the measures to be taken, guaranteeing public health and preventing the further spread of dengue. Recommendation The document that establishes the State of Alert in Paraná recommends, according to the Technical Note issued in December by Sesa, that municipalities do not purchase insecticides and larvicides other than those recommended by the Ministry of Health for the use of Aedes Aegypti control. Incentive Through the document, the State continues to encourage health professionals, especially doctors and nurses from the public and private schools, to learn about and adopt the Risk Classification and Management of Suspected Dengue Patients. “With the support of the Regional Health Departments and the Health Departments of the municipalities, Sesa has been carrying out training in clinical management for dengue since the end of January, with the participation, until now, of approximately 1. 700 professionals from the regions of Londrina, Maringá, Paranavaí, Campo Mourão, Jacarezinho, Cornélio Procópio and Cianorte; this course aims to speed up the faster diagnosis of the disease and will continue to be replicated to more municipalities ”, informs secretary Beto Preto. Actions Control and combat actions continue throughout the state. Today secretary Beto Preto was in the region of Londrina, where he fulfilled an agenda on the topic and in Paranaguá, there was a task force for cleaning and removal of breeding sites on the island of Valadares.With information from the State Department of Health of Paraná
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