Roberto Parli cheated on his wife Adriana Volpe? / Photo with another: scoop at GF Vip

Roberto Parli finally makes his entrance in the Casa del Grande Fratello Vip but does not hold even a second to the joke organized by Alfonso Signorini and immediately reveals to his wife Adriana Volpe. “I knew it, I couldn’t believe it,” says the presenter who, until a few moments before, was in tears. While Roberto and Adriana kiss happily in the living room, Antonella Elia remains in the confessional, where Signorini warns her instead that the two are arguing outside and that her intervention is needed. And in fact Adriana and her husband stage a hard fight that Antonella believes in. The conductor finally asks her to chase Roberto from the house, she is in difficulty but it is at this point that the joke is revealed to her too. Antonella takes a breath of relief. (Update by Anna Montesano) ROBERTO PARLI DID NOT BETRAY ADRIANA: BAD JOKE ON THE FOX Finally, here is the joke organized against Adriana Volpe in the House of Big Brother Vip. Alfonso Signorini reverses the roles and if last week he entrusted her with the task of revealing photos of Pietro Delle Piane to Antonella Elia, now she gives the latter the task of telling her about the alleged betrayal of her husband Roberto Parli. Elia is shaken: “For her Valentine’s Day is also a very important date because she made love to her husband on this day.” But then Alfonso himself tells her everything, showing her the photos and declaring that there really was a kiss with the other woman. She burst into tears: “But it’s not possible! I look too! “, Then continues” No, I don’t believe it, photographers do it! ” but Signorini urges, declaring that there really has been a kiss. (Update by Anna Montesano) ROBERTO PARLI BETRAYED THE WIFE ADRIANA VOLPE? ALL ONE JOKE Surprises on surprises for Big Brother Vip in this special evening dedicated to love and Valentine’s Day. At the start, Alfonso Signorini showed photos of Roberto Parli’s alleged betrayal against his wife Adriana Volpe. Only a few hours after this announcement, the conductor revealed that it is all a frame! It is in fact a joke designed, with the complicity of Roberto, precisely to give the Fox a scare, moreover on Valentine’s day. She still does not know any of this and does not even expect that Roberto is about to enter the house just to keep the game designed by Signorini. How will Adriana react to this shocking revelation? It will certainly not be a nice surprise … (Update by Anna Montesano) ROBERTO PARLI BETRAYED THE WIFE ADRIANA VOLPE? After Antonella Elia, bad news arrives in the Casa del Grande Fratello Vip for Adriana Volpe as regards matters of love. Alfonso Signorini reveals it live to Big Brother Vip, showing photos of her husband Roberto Parli together with another woman. “He was caught in the company of a beautiful girl and very young, younger than Adriana, and tonight she will find out live and also have the opportunity to have a face to face with him,” says the conductor. In the photos, the two are first in the car together and kissing each other, then sitting and looking at each other closely, intent on chatting. Is it really a betrayal? He will have the opportunity to have his say, looking into his wife’s eyes: will he deny everything? And what will be your motivations? (Update by Anna Montesano) ROBERTO PARLI, ADRIANA VOLPE’S HUSBAND TO THE GREAT VIP BROTHER? Roberto Parli, husband of Adriana Volpe, is ready to cross the famous red door of the house of Big Brother Vip 2020 to give a special Valentine’s Day 2020 to his wife who, in recent weeks, faced difficult moments for some clashes with roommates. To follow her and support her from afar, however, there is always Roberto who, in recent weeks, has written numerous messages on social networks that have been delivered to Adriana who, despite missing the husband and daughter Giselè, knows she can count on all their love. After listening to the words of her little girl and those of her husband, Adriana Volpe will live an unforgettable moment tonight with her entry into her husband’s house. After some shocking revelations about Adriana Volpe’s husband, Roberto Parli will enter the Cinecittà house to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife. ROBERTO PARLI, VALENTINE’S DAY TO THE GREAT VIP BROTHER WITH ADRIANA VOLPE In love with his Adriana Volpe, Roberto Parli, this evening, in the episode of Valentine’s Day, Big Brother Vip 2020 will surprise his better half by entering the house. With words and gestures of love, the manager is ready to give an unforgettable moment to the presenter who has defined the best wife a man could wish for. “You are the sweetest and most affectionate mother and wife I know. So if you want to secretly send us cute or joking cute messages you would fill us with joy! In case you don’t succeed, know that we are happy anyway, we are waiting for you with love with open arms “, is one of the many messages that Roberto Parli wrote to his Adriana on Instagram waiting to be able to embrace her again and tell her all the love she feels for her looking her in the eyes. © RESERVED REPRODUCTION
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