Romantic Valentine's Day wishes under the Eiffel Tower in Paris

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing Time 2020 Year 02 Month 15 Daily News] Valentine’s Day, in what way will you celebrate? Come see how people celebrate under the Eiffel Tower in the romantic capital of Paris. Large floor-to-ceiling windows surround the sky, and the sky is filled with red heart-shaped balloons. On Valentine’s Day, couples under the Eiffel Tower in Paris show their love to their loved ones. Some couples take this opportunity to set a lifetime. Latvian tourist Arnis Pridans: “I offered an engagement ring and proposed to her. I just did this, and for us, this moment is a wonderful, perfect day.” Some couples still write down their wishes and blessings on the heart-shaped stickers, and paste them on the wish window, hoping that their wishes will come true. French tourist Laetitia Chetrit: “I don’t think I have a chance to express our love each other. This is a wonderful atmosphere. We see hearts everywhere, people kiss each other, and we see many people who love each other. Yes, this is important . ” For married couples, Valentine’s Day is just one of the days when they fall in love. Polish tourist Mateusz Fedko: “We want to share this day together, but for us it is not so important because we want to be the same every day and love each other.” German philosopher Hegel once said that the secret to long-term relationships with loved ones is: “Give up the idea of ​​changing each other.” It seems that people’s good wishes for love can only last long on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. NTD reporter Yan Xi comprehensive report Ranch URL of this article: .html
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