Statistics Sweden report: Evry stopped at uncomfortable times to extort money

The call center Evry won the assignment of the labor force surveys the lowest bid. But as soon as the agreement was in port, the results dropped like a rock and Evry demanded more money to pass the interviews, according to a report submitted by Statistics Sweden to the government today. Only one six months after the new agreement came into force, Statistics Sweden began Investigate what opportunities were available to leave the agreement. But the authority had then terminated half of its own interview corps and there was no capacity to resume collection. When Statistics Sweden did not want to pay Evry in February 2019 pushed forward compensation by stopping calling in the evenings and weekends, which got the response rate to fall further. At the same time, more and more began users under 2019 question the figures in LFS, according to Statistics Sweden. One In-depth analysis showed that the deviations were so large that Statistics Sweden October 2019 chose to go public with it errors in labor statistics. In November 2019 revised Statistics Sweden figures back to summer 2018, which had effects on GDP and the government’s economic policy.
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