Summary Amor de Mãe: Monday, 24th: Álvaro is shot and goes to the hospital

In this Monday’s chapter (24), in the soap opera Amor de Mãe, Álvaro will be rushed to the hospital and Miriam will have a serious conversation with Davi to try to get some clue about the sniper. While everyone is worried, Álvaro celebrates the success of his plan, as he knows that now he will be practically seen as a hero for saving Raul’s life, when in fact he was the one who set everything up. Danilo will not miss the chance to provoke his mother and will say that Thelma is liking Durval, but she will not assume anything. Leila talks to Magno and reveals that Penha is now involved in the world of crime and the attendant will be surprised. Without clients and without receiving an invitation from the companies to which she sent her resume, Vitória decides to change her life radically and starts working as a seamstress. Penha tells Magno that Leila was the one who made the anonymous report to the police, which resulted in his arrest. Betina and Nicete go to the hospital to visit Álvaro. Lourdes dreams of her mother and then asks Januário to help her. Sandro talks to his father and reveals that he is suspicious of the fact that Álvaro was shot while supposedly trying to save him. Lourdes is furious and puts Leila out of her house. Disgusted, Leila threatens to take Brenda from Magno and tells her that she is serious. Lourdes and Camila call Maria and both are thrilled. Brenda is sad, homesick for her mother. Matias talks to Durval and says it is time for him to declare himself to Thelma and not be waiting for time to pass. Davi begins to investigate the accident with the owner of the PWA, then ends up reaching a person who will surprise him, as the activist will meet Penha. Raul starts to be extremely uncomfortable with the way Vitória behaves. Lourdes warns everyone that he will travel to Malachites.
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