The popular plus-size model breastfeed the baby on camera

Popular American plus-size model and activist Ashley Graham breast-fed a newborn baby on camera. She posted the photos on her Instagram account on Friday, 14 February. In a two-shot series 32, the summer Graham sits in a coffee shop and holds Isaac’s son in her arms. She is wearing a white Fear Of God brand sweatshirt and a boy wearing a plush brown suit. The model signed her post with emoticons meaning “coffee with milk.” Subscribers were delighted with the new Graham publication. “Miss Ashley shows us nature and naturalness!”, “This is what a real mother should be,” “There is nothing shameful in public breastfeeding. Well done, you prove it by example, ”they praised. The activist’s publication collected more than a million likes. Earlier in February, Ashley Graham first showed her body after the birth of her first child, taking a picture in a mirror in the bathroom. In the description, the celebrity told how her condition changed after pregnancy. More interesting and surprising in our Instagram. Subscribe!
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