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TRONDHEIM (VG) Ulrikke Brandstorp will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Rotterdam, with the winning song “Attention”. The artist was wearing a gold dress in the evening’s competition – and it turned out to be dress for the occasion. – This is the experience of life, soaked Brandstorp while being celebrated on stage when victory was a fact. During a recent performance of “Attention” she broke down in pure joy several times, and thanks the audience. Also read Melodi Grand Prix: A Voting TragedyBut it can be debated about tonight’s protagonist became the biggest topic of conversation after the victory – as a result of NRK’s ​​collapse of votes. – I knew that NRK had a plan B and a people jury. They almost had to put on their robe, I kept saying. We were told that there was some trouble, but could not think so much about it. And that’s it – there’s nothing more to say than that, Brandstorp tells VG. She talks about special mood in the artist room when they were told that the online vote was down. – There were many, many thoughts that went through our heads, but we supported each other very well, there were a lot of highfives and such. Together with Mommy and Daddy: Jørn and Vigdis Brandstorp. Photo: Stein Østbø The voting root was never the thing that caught Ulrikke the most right after the win. – This is what I worked my life for! Now I’m going to work even more and find an extra gear. Now I’m off to Europe, I’ll book tickets tomorrow! I’m having fun, Melody Grand Prix is ​​a party! And then I will try to do as good a job as KEiiNO did last year, because they were fantastic, says Ulrikke. When asked how she wants to show up for Europe, she was clear: – Sorry me! Show off energy and positivity, and then I hope that people here at home can be proud of me. That’s what I’ve always dreamed of, says Ulrikke. Right behind her stood the loser of the gold duel, Kristin Husøy, and struggled to bring down the adrenaline at home in Trondheim.- For an audience! What a sick experience! – Not even a little disappointed? – No, glory! I am so happy to have come across others, that fytti … Ulrikke had a really sick nice song. No, I’m very happy for second place, Husøy said. Two scenes were two proud parents, Jørn and Vigdis Brandstorp. Jørn Brandstorp said that several in the family had encountered voting problems, while his wife Vigdis was nervous in another area. – She was an odds favorite in “Stjernekamp” too, but became number two. So when Kristin had such a clear lead before the last vote, I knew it a little bit, she says to VG. She is full of praise for her daughter. Execution ability – She has worked hard for this. And she has a wonderful ability to execute. Although she should not go her way, she starts again, says Vigdis Brandstorp to VG.- And now it will be trip to Rotterdam in May? – At least it is definitely, I promise you! Ulrikke has written ” Attention »with Kjetil Mørland and Christian Ingebrigtsen, who were also present in Trondheim.– Actually Kjetil and I were supposed to have a session together, but then Ulrikke called and asked if I could not write a Melodi Grand Prix song. That’s how it started, and here we are, says Ingebrigtsen to VG.Ulrikke Brandstorp was odds favorite ahead of the final. She has previously taken second place in “Stjernekamp”, in 2018, she also participated in Melodi Grand Prix in 2017, as well as in “Idol” in 2013 .- Definitely the biggest vote of the year finale. Ulrikke Brandstorp sings so well that you could send your voice alone. Probably she gets lots of “Attention” in Rotterdam too, says VG music reviewer Tor Martin Bøe. The youngest artist of the final, Kristin Husøy (18), and Brandstorp were the last two to fight for The ticket to Rotterdam.They had their own advantages: Husøy was at home in Trondheim. Brandstorp had competitive experience to lean on. Veterans out in the first roundArtist veterans Tone Damli and Rein Alexander were among those who did not go further when the first six were scrapped – by special juries who had to step in when NRK’s ​​voting system broke down. Former MGP winner Didrik Solli-Tangen and his brother Emil also had to bite in the grass there. I thought he had a good day tonight, both in song and show, says VG reviewer Tor Martin Bøe. – It will be interesting if this voting problem has had any effect. But we will probably never know. Read also: NRK has voice troubleThese were out of the competition before the gold duel: Liza Vassilieva – “I Am Gay” Raylee – “Wild” Didrik & Emil – “Out Of Air” Magnus Bokn – “Over The Sea »Akuvi -” As You Are “Rein Alexander -” One Last Time “Tone Damli -” Hurts Sometimes “Sondrey -” Take My Time “Published: 15. 02. 20 at. 21: 29 Updated: 15. 02. 20 at. 23: 46 Commercial Cooperation: Discount CodesEuroflorist Discount CodeStormberg Discount CodesHotels.com Discount CodeApollo Promotional CodesJunkyard Discount Codes
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