Büşra Pekin: I have a life you don't know

18. 02. 2020 – 07 : 09Update: 18.02.2020 – 07: 44 Büşra Pekin has visited Habertürk HT Studio, where he is a guest, ‘I have another life you never knew’ explained in words. “I know his gras” commented to İbrahim Büyükak, his co-star and screenwriter at the “Dealer Meeting” – Büşra, did you remember your first interview with me …- Yes, how could I forget, you came to the set of the movie “Holy Carboy”. How lucky I am. I did my first interview with a successful journalist like you. – It was a chance for me to make the first interview of someone with a bright future. Can we do an interview? – Sure … Since then 13 year has passed. This time we did the interview for the ‘Dealer Meeting’. The show 21 February ‘ The producer of the movie will be in BKM … The screenplay belongs to İbrahim Büyükak, who also starred in the movie. Other leading roles in the ‘Dealer Meeting’ directed by Bernard Güzel, Onur Buldu and Safa Sarı.Büşra Pekin, the adventure of 3 dealers He played the personal development specialist in the film, which will reflect on the big screen in the genre of comedy. What are you feeling? When I set out, I did not plan my career, I always left it to flow. When we first looked at this, I did not think of concentrating on comedy. The process took me there. I think it was very nice. How was your comedy talent discovered? Actually, I didn’t separate genres too much. I was thinking, ‘The actor should be able to play every role.’ ‘Player; It should be able to play both comedy, drama, and musical ‘. Of course, I was open to all genres because we came from his mindset, but I wouldn’t think I would concentrate so much on the comedy. We understood which type to concentrate at BKM. Thank you, Yılmaz Erdogan and our team … ‘What did you feel when the offer came from the Dealer Meeting? Bedran Güzel, the director of our movie, tells the story of the movie and I like it very much. It’s a really nice project. There we said, ‘Let’s do it together.’ I already wrote one of my favorite, sweetest friends, İbrahim Büyükak. Already Abraham’s pen has been very good since ‘Very Beautiful Movements’. That’s why I happily joined the team running around and running. İbrahim Büyükak cinema was created. Every movie is watched more than the previous one. How do you evaluate İbrahim’s movies? I really love it if I speak without being too objective. Let’s talk this openly, I know İbrahim’s liver. But when I look at it professionally, everything is obvious. There is a very serious audience. He had a very good success especially in the films ‘My Friend’ and ‘My Friend 2’. I think that success will go exponentially at the ‘Dealer Meeting. Because it’s a very good production. There is no Oğuzhan Koç in it. I’m kidding, of course. We also love Oğuzhan. The story of the ‘Dealer Meeting’ is very good. Ibrahim has a very good story. You go to the USA frequently. What are you doing there? I have another life you never knew. Actually I have been going back and forth since my high school years. I had studied there at the end of high school. I go to improve myself and receive training from time to time. Of course this is not always for education. It is a place where I go to learn and see something, where I spend time when I have the opportunity. For example, I was the director and producer of the ‘Nokta’ clip. We filmed there. I do something, then I come here. I had a good education when I last went. We did a very good comedy team with the ratio. Isn’t education about acting? It’s about acting right now, but I love learning. It has always been like this since childhood. I realized that this will always go like this. It makes me happy to see something related to every area of ​​interest. In other words, even if I am not training for that minute, I am fed and coming. What is the ‘Point’ clip? ‘Nokta’ is a song that I produce and direct. We have not underlined so much, now that we have underlined a little more thanks to this press conference. Over time, I decided to transfer the things I was interested in and liked to other projects, other than acting. It was a little too. I said, I’m not planning anything clear. I learn, I take it … Whenever there is a project that meets and excites me, I get into it. So it doesn’t matter in which position I work. I can enjoy many areas of our work. Do you think of writing a story and making it a movie? Yes, this is actually very good. I need to find a time for him, but I haven’t been able to do it yet. In fact, everything is ready when the time comes, it is only necessary to find an opportunity.
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