Clizia Incorvaia: “Maybe I had to preclude all this”

18 February 2020 Clizia fears that she has put feelings first at the expense of her dearest affections After meeting with Eleonora Giorgi and Massimo Ciavarro, Paolo’s parents, Clizia reflects on what is going on and is afraid of disappointing her family. Pago is ready to console her. Clizia: “I understand a mother’s concern”, she begins by referring to the words read in the interview released by Eleonora: “but from that moment I thought about my life and my parents. I know what they think, I have a daughter, I am older, I have a separation, I am sure that my mother is thinking that I am a girl, that she will be judging me. ” Pago intervenes: “But can’t you find yourself a person and feel good? You cannot affect your happiness to make others feel good. ” Clizia bursts into tears, the pressure has removed her defenses. Adriana and Licia run to the rescue ready to console her. Adriana: “But what’s wrong, it’s the cleanest thing we’ve seen, how do you criticize such a thing” Clizia: “But you don’t criticize the form, criticize the fact that it shouldn’t be lived”. “And when was it to be lived?” Asks Adriana. “Never,” Clizia replies dryly. Adriana seems confused: “But I believe that we must take one step at a time, day after day, without forcing anything”. Clizia examines herself thoroughly: “Maybe I should be stronger from a rational point of view and decide not to live on things to protect others. We are not beasts that we must indulge our feelings, maybe I just had to think about the priorities and preclude all this, but it would be like living halfway, and I can’t live halfway “. All that revolves around love is known, it is swinging and can create fears and feelings of guilt. However, we hope that this beautiful feeling will prevail over everything.    
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