Diabetes Posi changes three permits

Changes in clinical trial content, addition of concomitant medications, expansion of administration age The permission for the SGLT2 inhibitor family, Pocigar (formerly called dapagliflozin), has changed. AstraZeneca Korea (President and CEO Kim Sang-pyo) said that the change in permission of Posi Street has been applied since last 11. First, the contents of the clinical trial results of cardiovascular accidents were changed based on the phase 3 trial, DECLARE. According to the study, pocigar was a placebo in patients with risk factors without cardiovascular disease history (59. 4%) and with cardiovascular history history (40. 6%). It has been found to have superior cardiovascular safety and cardiovascular safety in preventing heart failure and cardiovascular death. In addition, Pioglitazone combination indications have been added, and the statement that it is not recommended to start treatment for patients older than 75 has been removed. Tag #Passiga Dapagliflozin # SGLT2 #diabetes #Endocrine Medicine #permission Copyright © Medical Tribune Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited Reporter Kim Joon-ho news@medical-tribune.co.kr View other articles Related articleSGLT2 Inhibitor Consistent Reduction in Cardiovascular Disease Diabetic Posey Confirms Heart Failure Prevention Effect Diabetes drug ‘Possiga’ reaffirms cardiovascular disease inhibitory effect “Diabetes’ Posigar DECLARE-TIMI 58 results look like this” Contrast of SGLT 2 inhibitors results Diabetic Posey reaffirms ‘decrease in heart failure and hospitalization’ Diabetes drug ‘Possiga’ confirms cardiovascular safety Diabetes drug Posigar is effective and safe for Koreans ‘SGLT2 Inhibitor + DPP-4 Inhibitor’ Reaffirms Excellent Blood Glucose Improvement Anti-cancer effect of SGLT2 inhibitor ‘Possiga’ confirmed in human Diabetes drug ‘Poshiga’ as Daewoong Pharmaceutical Delete comment Deleted comments can’t be recovered. Do you still want to delete it? password comment 0 Write a comment If you select an account, you can leave a comment through login and account verification. Member Login Newest Recommended order
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