“Inelegant” – lights up in the big farmers dispute

18. 02. 2020 5: 30 According to the angry Facebook -Posting by Christian W. Mucha, in which he violently criticizes Opera Ball boss Maria Großbauer, is now also agreed by artist manager Marika Lichter. On Facebook, publisher Christian W. Mucha had furiously posted what had left him about the outgoing Opera Ball organizer Maria Großbauer disturbs everything. “It would be great if there was still an ‘Oplady’ in the future, a real lady, elegant, confident and above all warm,” he says to “Today”. According to the current reign, he could understand if the new State Opera Director Bogdan Rošcic no longer wanted this. Artist manager Marika Lichter hits the same notch, she finds Großbauer’s appearance in tailcoat – made to order by Nobelschneider Nikolaus Venturini – and saxophone inelegant. to the comments Arrow-RightCreated with Sketch.ThemaCreated with Sketch.Read moreMaria Großbauer: Opera ball this year with queen flash mob “Like Kardashian” Will Next Opera Ball Lady be a man? Nav-AccountCreated with Sketch. red TimeCreated with Sketch. 18. 02. 2020 05: 30 | Act: 17. 02. 2020 21: 01
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