John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves facing the fourth stage of mourning? This fan theory is not that crazy

Posted 2 hours ago Posted on 18 Feb 2020 17: 00: 02 This rather coherent fan theory makes each of the films of the saga one of the stages of mourning … That would explain many things!   At the time of his arrival in the cinemas at the cinema, John Wick was facing the death of his beloved wife, Helen, who died from a serious illness. The latter left him the guard of a little dog, Daisy, murdered by thugs from the beginning of the film! Since then, the ex-murderer has a thirst for revenge, and has launched into a cabal without limit against his many enemies. However, according to the Reddit user named u / coces, each of the episodes of his saga represents one of the five stages of mourning. In the first John Wick, the hero went through the shock and denial phase, in the second through the anger phase and in the third through the negotiation phase. This explains the (immense) number of characters killed by Keanu Reeves since the start of the saga!                           John Wick’s best friend: still a dog And that will not stop there, since the character played by Keanu Reeves will be back in John Wick 4, ready to destroy the Hotel Continental to take revenge on Winston. If we believe the theory of mourning explained above, he will be in the phase of depression and pain: knowing that his ally betrayed him and that he was left for dead, there are indeed what to have the cockroach! And always in this same logic, he should return on the occasion of a fifth episode in order to confront the acceptance stage, the last, at the end of which he can return to the course of his life. Did Chad Stahelski really plan this story arc for his hero from the start, as the fan behind this hypothesis thinks? It would not be surprising at all!        
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