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             There has been a clear change in the way Chris relates to the Swedish people. When he and Madeleine were newly engaged, he was often at the princess’s side. They went to events, dined at the Stockholm pubs and traveled around our elongated country with the King and Queen Silvia. However, many believed that Madeleine would continue to update her Instagram account with pictures of the children. But unfortunately they have been quiet, even there. Madeleine always comes home to the summer Madeleine’s secret love language with Chris O’NeillRead moreJust now the family is installing themselves in their new home in Miami. The other week, the Swedish Women’s Magazine revealed that Madeleine and Chris have left the luxury villa, after 1.5 years, for a new home in the same area. This after they suffered a burglary. Read more about the terrible event here!                                    Thanks!                 We have sent an email to your email address.                 Open the email and confirm your email address and you will receive the newsletter shortly.                            View this post on Instagram Siblings! 😍😍😍 A post shared by Princess Madeleine of Sweden (@princess_madeleine_of_sweden) 13 Oct 2019 at. 9: 10 PDT Chris’s work demands that he be in the USWhen we will see the couple next time, the court can not answer. On the other hand, we know that the summer weeks in Öland, in July, are sacred to Madeleine. She loves being at Solliden with the children and of course thinks it is important that they spend a lot of time with their cousins ​​during the summer. Chris doesn’t usually take time off in the same way as Madeleine. His work is best managed from the USA and they are many meetings that he needs to attend, even in the summertime. But during Victoria’s Day, the princess taste is usually in place on Borgholm’s IP – but of course the Swedish people hope that he stays in Sweden even after the celebration of the crown princess. Photo: TT
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