Various ways to follow the intermittent fasting diet to lose weight in a short period and its health benefits

We publish to our followers through this article a different way to follow the intermittent fasting diet, which is one of the most popular diets, as this system helps greatly to lose excess weight, depends on eating at a certain time and refraining from it at another time, and it also achieves results at a time Very short compared to other systems. Different ways to follow the intermittent fasting diet. Firstly, the fasting system 16 / 8, and this method depends on refraining from eating and fluids 16 hours per day, and eating Food within eight hours, and to make it easier for some people to follow it after midnight, but when eating it must be fresh Twice all the nutrients. Day and day, and this method depends on eating naturally on a day, and refraining from it on another day, on the condition of consuming water, and helps to lose weight. Monday and Thursday, and that a healthy diet is followed in the remaining days of the week. Benefits of the intermittent fasting diet system improves metabolism, burns large amounts of calories, improves digestion and digestive system functions, reduces inflammation, and it helps to improve The level of insulin in the blood, it is very beneficial for the health of the body.
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