Smell the hit song! “Allie” debuted with the single How To Love (feat. GRAY).

Smell the hit song! “Allie” debuted with the single How To Love (feat. GRAY). The overwhelming praise immediately upon the rising star label “Four One One Music” (411 Music) led the team to create a new dimension in the Thai music industry by entertainment godfather of National Genius “Kongkul Chalermchai Mahagitsiri” released “How To Love (feat. GRAY)” debut single of the first artist under the name “Ally) Achiriya Nitipon” girl Few smart, beautiful, smart people. Good voice is waiting to be announced. Users adorn the music industry in Thailand soon, at the age of 15 years, with a commitment to follow her dreams. As well as developing talents with the power of seeking blessings Dedicated, serious training for over 1 year in South Korea Despite having a discouraged period to want to retreat .. But do not give up easily Prove yourself until arriving on the day of your debut as a full artist at “411 Music Press Conference & ALLY’s Debut Showcase” at the Park Paragon on Friday 21 This February Read more: Hilarity! “Kong” released the image “Elle” coming soon. Tell me, very bang. Today (18, Feb) all leading music platforms such as Apple Music, JOOX, Spotify, YouTube Music, TIDAL, TrueID Music and Than 130 Global platform Including radio programs in Thailand, all together to release the song “How To Love (feat. GRAY)”, which listens only for the first time. The more you listen to it continuously The more you can feel the fragrance The new hit song, this event “Four One One Music” (411 Music) invites the trend in bringing Thai music to the international market with rhythm and sound, pop style. R&B that is fun to rock along Created by South Korea’s top producers, GXXD and MOON, which are behind the success of many famous artists! Blending melodies with the lyrics in all 3 languages ​​(Thai, English, Korean) harmoniously, with “GRAY” the famous rapper / producer from Korea as a guest in the composition of the rap lyrics. Not only that, Gray also shared this song with Elle in a great way. Of course, this is his first time in a performance (Featuring) music work with Thai artists! Which Gray says This song is POP INTER and he really likes this song. As for the origin of this debut single, “Allie” revealed that the agency gave her the opportunity to participate in the selection of the song herself. And the part that sang “How To Love” circled Elle’s head until she couldn’t choose any other song !! Aside from the hit song “How To Love (feat. GRAY)” which has already hit the trendsetters, both #HowToLove and #AllyxGray since the first day released ** There is also a music video and live music. The formality of this song that Netizen counted down to wait for the first time at the “411 Music Press Conference & ALLY’s Debut Showcase” Friday 21 Feb. Time 19: 00 hrs. At the Park Paragon, Siam Paragon. Related news Related Gallery
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