The soloist award is blamed for damn

Piano playing. Genre Picture. Photo: EPA / EFE / TTUpdated today 07: 35 Published today 07: 33 The soloist prize is a competition for classical singers and musicians with a price of SEK 100 000. Now the competition is being accused of one by one of the participants when a juror voted for two of their own students, reports Swedish Radio’s Culture News. A member of the solo prize jury has voted for two of his students in the prestigious competition. The price is SEK 100 000, and you get to tour with Sweden’s largest symphony orchestras. Pianist John Nalan, who went to the semi-finals, tells Swedish Radio’s Culture News that this is a matter of principle. – If you are in a competition that is so big and has sacrificed a lot, and it is not fair. Then you feel that you have thrown everything away.According to the Royal Musical Academy, the fucking had been reported by the teacher and that there is a system to compensate for the voices, where you deduct the highest and the lowest number. SVT’s news should stand for objectivity and impartiality. What we publish should be true and relevant. In emergency news situations, it can be difficult to get all the facts confirmed, then we’ll tell you what we know – and don’t know. Read more
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