Til Schweiger as “Wendler 2.0”? Fans laugh at Knutsch picture with his girlfriend

                                Til Schweiger and his new girlfriend: At their first public appearance, the two attended a boxing event together. Image: imago images / Future Image “Wendler 2.0”: Fans joke about Til Schweiger’s cute picture A few weeks ago, Til Schweiger showed up at a boxing event in Hamburg with a new woman at his side. In an interview with Sat.1- “breakfast television” he said: “The current state of affairs is that we understand each other very well and I’m really in love.” Schweiger’s manager told the German press agency that everything was still fresh. The two are said to have met at the “NDR Talk Show”. Sandra did the guest care there. Til Schweiger posts the first kiss picture Now the two are on love vacation, as Til Schweiger reveals on Instagram. The two kiss in a picture. They are only illuminated by the lights that are wrapped around the palm trees. “I love you so much, darling,” writes the 56 year old under the romantic snapshot. More than 30. 000 People have marked the post with a heart, there are around 400 comments hailing, which are however not entirely positive. Not everyone likes that Schweiger is around 30 years older than his new love. In addition to comments such as “I barely recognized Dana”, “What’s wrong with you? That can be your daughter” or “Must be pretty cruel for his two older daughters who are the same age”, the cinema star is now also compared with the Wendler.Fans make comparisons with the Wendler “Don’t do the Wendler here,” says one follower. Another asks: “Michael, is that your brother in law?” or simply “Wendler 2.0”. As a reminder: pop singer Michael Wender has been with 19 year old Laura for around a year. Since their love, the two have repeatedly been hit with headlines about their relationship. Especially the age difference was discussed intensely at the beginning, since Laura was 18 years old at the start of the relationship. By publicly staging their love, the two ensure that these reports do not stop.Readable: Elyas M’Barek: “Important to keep certain things to me” He did it again: Pocher hands out against Wendler “Will you just protect “: Justin Bieber worried about Billie EilishMany fans of Til Schweiger can not do anything with the Wendler comparison and just see a couple who loves each other. “Wish you all the best. Enjoy the good time,” says one user. “Only the best for you two,” said one follower and another: “A wonderful picture of you. Enjoy your luck, I’m happy for you.” We agree with these wishes. (Iger) Tim Mälzer completely hungover – start of shooting at “Kitchen Impossible” postponed Drunk in front of the camera – you only know that from “The Bachelor”, where Prosecco and Co. flow in torrents. But “Kitchen Impossible” is apparently too happy. At least Tim Mälzer was in front of the camera with a good hangover. On Sunday Vox showed a new episode of the cooking show. This time celebrity chef Franz Keller competed against Mälzer. A tough opponent – but not as tough in the end as Mälzer’s hangover. In Cyprus, the Hamburg chef was supposed to … Link to the article
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