Who was eliminated in Survivor, who was disqualified? (February 18 Survivor qualifying details)

                                                    News                               Photo gallery                               Life News                               Who was eliminated in the last episode of Survivor, who was disqualified? (18 February 2020 Survivor elimination details)                                                                                     Who was eliminated in Survivor? The answer to the question was clear. A screening council was held in the last episode of Survivor, which was released yesterday. Ceyhun, who received the most SMS games after Fatma Günaydın was nominated for elimination; Makbule, and Cemal Can nominated Evrim Keklik. Makbule, who received the least votes, was the earliest eliminated in Survivor history. Acun Ilıcalı announced that Uğur Pektaş and Şaziye İvegin Üner from the Celebrities Team will not be able to continue Survivor and will receive 2 new names. Here, 18 February 2020 What happened in the last part of Survivor …                                                                                                                Celebrities and Volunteers competed for the harpoon award in the third episode of Survivor, published yesterday. The contestants fought fiercely in the competition, where the excitement was at the top. The winning team was Volunteers.                                 Acun Ilıcalı gave the bad news to the Celebrities Team at the island council. Uğur Pektaş and Şaziye İvegün announced that they could not continue to compete as a result of the injury. He also said that substitute competitors will be on Survivor island in two days instead of Ilıcalı, Uğur and Şaziye.                                                       In the island council, Ceyhun and Cemal Can were selected to determine the candidates for elimination by the votes of the audience. While Ceyhun said the name Makbule as a candidate for elimination, Cemal Can determined Evrim Keklik as a candidate for elimination. SMS vote was made between Fatma and Makbule and Evrim whose first council name was determined. Makbule Survivor, which received the lowest votes, was the earliest eliminated in history.                                                               Who is SURVOVOR MAKBULE GOOD MORNING? Makbule Günaydın, who has a strong structure, defines himself as follows: Makbule Günaydın, I was born in July 1992. I’m a lion. I was born in Istanbul. Then, while continuing to primary school, we moved to Kırıkkale. I was doing a three-step long jump and a short distance run in elementary school. I won Anatolian High School in high school and successfully completed the numerical department. During my high school life, I played basketball for 4 years. I have always been one of the most popular and hardworking students of the school. It was my student years in tough conditions, but when I work tirelessly, people definitely succeed. I won the Midwifery Department of Eskişehir Osmangazi University at the university. I settled in the midwifery with a score well above that of the department. My mother was the only factor in my choice. He had to make 4 births before me on his own and I was the first child born in the hospital. I played in the school’s women’s handball team at the university. I spent an intense university life in the cycle of jobs that I gained such as seizures, training, lessons, daily work, figuration, clowning, and comedy. As soon as I was appointed, I started my duty and also to do sports again. I did fitness and pilates individually. I met my wife, who is a sports trainer in the hall I was doing sports, after about 2 years of union 14 I got married a month ago. I have been doing 5 midwives in the morning and 8 in the last 2 years. I am a pilates instructor from 5 pm to 9 pm and on Saturdays. My life is at an intense pace but I am not complaining about it. I think I should use my energy properly when I have energy. In the next period, I will devote all my energy to winning Survivor.                                                                                     Who is SURVIVOR UĞUR PEKTAŞ? Uğur Pektaş 16 Istanbul on April 1979 He was born in. Her parents divorced when she was 13. He practiced yoga, aikido and tai chi. He studied at Kocaeli University Hotel Management Department. He also worked as a tour guide and worked as an organizer for a brewer’s party team. In addition, it is common car repair and maintenance service shop with his father. 2005 years at Acer’s Survivor Turkey contest was first offered Ilıcalı prepare. Then he started acting. He took part in the series Kuşdili and Dreams and Facts. It made a big noise with the series Arka Arkalar. Uğur Pektaş, the company that organizes the pilgrimage organization, 19 on June 2008 with his girlfriend Gamze Özçelik married. 30 He had a son named Murathan on January 2010.                                                                                     Who is SURVIVOR ŞAZİYE İVEGİN ÜNER? Şaziye İvegin Üner was born in Adana on February 8 1982. She is a Turkish national basketball player. Şaziye, who is the daughter of an old basketball player, started basketball with her two sisters in the 7th grade. Three sisters Adana BOTAS club became champions for the 2nd time in Turkey Young Girls Basketball Championship. At the age of 22, he became the youngest captain of the country, becoming the female basketball player, taking over the captain of his team. After a successful year 10 in Botaşspor, 7 May 2004 He transferred to Fenerbahçe in. 2007 – 08 He signed with Montigarda Basket and spent one season here. The next season he returned to KBL and this time he signed a contract with Beşiktaş Cola Turka. Later, the Russian representative Spartak transferred to Moscow. After playing here for a while, he returned to Turkey and Galatasaray agreed with this time. 2009 – 10 season, he signed a contract with Mersin BŞB and spent one season here. Then, the next season, he was transferred to his former team, Fenerbahçe. 2011 – 12 signed a transfer that made a sound at the beginning of the season and signed an agreement with Galatasaray Medical Park. Career contributed to the success of his country’s basketball team with the national team jersey he wore numerous times. He took part in the national team winning the gold medal in the Mediterranean Games 2005 held in Ivegin, Almeria, Spain. He also contributed to EuroBasket Women 2011, where the national team was 2nd in Europe. 2012 it took place in Turkey women’s national basketball team at the Summer Olympics and the team’s staff has contributed to the fact 5. Here’s what happened in the first two episodes of Survivor                                                                                     MONDAY IN SURVIVOR Survivor Celebrities-Volunteers teams struggled for the weekly food prize in the award game. After the race, the Volunteers team won the award. The volunteer team thus won 3 eggs per person.                                                                                     After the prize, the teams faced for the daily food award. The volunteer team won the struggle that broke down and enjoyed the chickpea-rice award.                                                                                     The most remarkable event of the night was Survivor Ceyhun winning the race and giving it to his daughter who passed away. Ceyhun wrote her daughter’s name by making a heart on the playground after the race. These moments caused the contestants and viewers to experience emotional moments.                                                               WHAT WAS THE SURVIVOR IN THE FIRST SECTION? The first episode of Survivor started on Sunday with great excitement. In Survivor 2020, which was realized with the presentation of Acun Ilıcalı, the teams competed for the immunity and reward game. Uğur Pektaş, a member of the celebrity squad, was injured during the immunity game. The competitor later said that his health was good. Another injured name of the day was Sercan Yıldırım. The old footballer who was stitched on the leg took part in the competitions. Who are in the celebrities and volunteer teams? (Competitor details)                                                                                     The first immunity game of the Survivor contest this season took place in the first episode. Celebrities stayed in the flag race after the 9-9 completed course games in the fight between volunteers. In the last game, Sercan Yıldırım and Elif Yıldırım Gören defeated the duo Meryem and Ardahan and brought the symbol of immunity to the Celebrities Team. Who are in the celebrities and volunteer teams? (Competitor details)                                                                                     WHAT IS THE PERFORMANCE LEAGUE? Ilıcalı, who said that he will switch to Performance League in the new season of Survivor, explained how to apply the new rule as follows. The weekly scoring system was introduced in Survivor this year. According to this rule, each game that the competitor will participate will be 1 point, the one-to-one struggle won will be 2 points, and every team game won will be 1 point. For the losses, each lost game will be written to the households as minus 2 points and the team game will be minus 1 point. As a result of this scoreboard to be announced on Sunday evenings, two players from each team will compete for the championship of the week. Stating that Survivor viewers will also predict this scoring, Ilıcalı added that there are surprise rewards for both competitors and spectators.                                                Labels :                                                              Life                                                                                           magazin                                                                                           Television                                                                                           entertainment                                                                                           Acun Ilıcalı                                                                                           survivor last minute                                                                                           survivor elimination                                                                                           survivor                                                                                           Editor’s Choice                                                                                                               
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