Home Art BBB 20: Victor Hugo gives up photosynthesis and becomes a player

BBB 20: Victor Hugo gives up photosynthesis and becomes a player

BBB 20: Victor Hugo gives up photosynthesis and becomes a player

       A recurring joke among Internet users in the first weeks of the BBB 20 was to publish photos of Victor Hugo confined in the house and say that Globo had leaked images of a boy from the production fixing things up. motivated by the absence of greater eloquence of the young boy in the great narratives of the game. He even tried to start conversations at parties, but most of the time he seemed like a very happy fan to spend a few days at the spa with the bloggers. Luckily for us, the world is spinning at a different speed this season of the Brazilian family’s favorite reality show. Chat comes, chat goes, and now Victor Hugo is full of story to tell. Whether they are good or bad, better leave the judgment to posterity. The first big changes were narrated by Mauricio Stycer in a recent column: Hugão abandoned the fame of a racing pigeon to become a lion in a race and was instrumental in sending Marcela to the wall . At the same time, it has become an important vertex in whatever geometrical figure that currently serves as a metaphor for the relationship between Guilherme, Gabi and the late Boca Rosa.But the Kafkaesque psychologist’s metamorphosis continues in full swing. Victor Hugo is proposing shock therapy in Curicica. He began to articulate votes and is eager to put Pyong on the wall. With the face of the Pica-Pau Biruta of the years 1940, he even negotiated Flayslane’s support in the undertaking in the middle of the academy. Has anyone there ever seen our hero at the gym? It’s very changed. # BBB 20 #RedeBBB pic.twitter.com/MIU0I5UA0W– VemBigBrother (@VemBigBrother) February 28, 2020 In neurological impossibility Felipe Prior presented himself as an intellectual antagonist to the hypnologist, it was up to Vitor Hugo to do that. The effects promise to be as disastrous as they have been so far, but at least the Hegemonic Bloc formed by Pyong, Marcela, Manu and supporting actors is managing to burn itself out on its own merits.Voa, Victor Hugo!
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