Fever was returned by the school

Reporter Liu Xiumin / Comprehensive report The warm family comedy “Two Dads” starring Lin Youwei and Yang Yizhan hit high ratings that year. The plot describes two golden bachelor dads taking care of a naive little girl together. Warm and funny storyline As a result of heated discussions, the child star Lele who played “Wendy” became popular. Seven years have passed. Today, Lele has grown into a slim and beautiful girl. Currently studying in Guosan, she often shares her daily life through social networking sites. However, today (9), she posted a post about her fever being “returned” by the school. They were worried. Looking at the photos, the child star Lele, who had performed “Two Dads”, is now a third girl. (Picture / Recaptured from Lele ’s Facebook page) Viewing photos of Tong Xingle Le, who once performed “Two Dads”, is now a third girl. (Picture / Photo taken from Lele ’s Facebook page) Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19, new crown pneumonia) epidemic is spreading all over the world, and schools below Taiwan ’s high school are affected by the epidemic. The school will start in the next two weeks, and the epidemic prevention measures will be strengthened after the school starts. Every student entering the campus must take the temperature. Lele today posted a self-exposure that the school was “returned” because of fever. Many netizens think that this is a very difficult time, and it is necessary for the school to be cautious and comfort her: “At this time, you must pay attention to the illness. The school also has its own considerations”, “But now it is an emergency, all schools adopt This plan, so Lele just rest at home! “Later she also updated the content of the article, saying that when her mother came to pick her up, she had no fever. Please rest assured,” I did n’t have a fever when I went home. I do n’t know if it ’s compared today It ’s hot! Will I be nervous at school? I ca n’t figure it out. ”Viewing photos Lele and Yang Yizhan and Lin Youwei performed” Two Dads “. When Lele was 8 years old, she performed “Wenty” in “Two Dads”. She was naturally cute and lovable. Although she loved acting, Lele could only use the summer and summer vacations with her mother’s insistence. She is still enthusiastic about filming. She laughed that if she studied drama in high school, she would be better able to return to acting. Recently, she was hooked on the small music Wu Sixian of “The Crazy World of Net Red” and Xu Guanghan of “Want to Meet You” thinks that the youth campus drama is still full of her current age. I would like to try it if I have the opportunity in the future. More Sanli News Network reports rescue more than 1 month! Liu Zhenbao’s “Venturial burrowing” He exposed: Waiting for a change of heart The only solution to follow up with other rivals Bentley: An electric car will be launched in a few years Huoyan Mountain cliffs bursting breast photos Locals: Taken by Tang Sanzang to the West for a guided tour 尪Italy goes back to Taiwan for home quarantine Jinwen unpacks the “caring bag” Like: 100% more news reports Her husband’s home quarantine life is fully exposed Jinwen: Zhonglu network red acid “Do you break the network?” Zhong Mingxuan domineering back to the actress return Township relatives cannot return to Taiwan, work is interrupted, Cao Dong has no party, and the epidemic is low. 22 Famous netizens sing “ Tomorrow will be better ”
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