Netizens find fault # Ming pontoon breaks back from scratch? …

Entertainment Published 23 mins agoonMarch 9, 2020 Photo from: IG @ piyapas Empress Ton clarified the reason for going back to work after returning from Japan. Refusing to detain from the criticism of the current case When ML Piyapat Piromphakdee or Khun Ton posted pictures on Instagram on 23 last February By checking in that this picture was taken in Tokyo Japan, which is considered as 1 in risky countries That had the covid virus outbreak – 19 later after returning from Japan on 25 February M.L. Piyapat Posted a photo to attend the event at Central World Until causing many people to come out and comment on why the Empress didn’t detain himself 14 days as announced by the Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) requesting cooperation In order to wait and see But returned to many other events. Later, Khun Ton has set up a Instagram for privacy. Most recently, Khun Ying has posted a message on Instagram. Explained the story that occurred: “According to the media stating that I did not detain. After traveling back from Japan After returning to go to have a physical examination and found no abnormality, no fever, no abnormality Understand the concern In the spread of the virus COVID – 19 I would like to encourage all staff who are fully dedicated. In prevention and response May our country pass through this crisis well … ” Follow the news from The Thaiger on Facebook.
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