Flu vaccination is suspended for lack of medicine in Niterói

Forecast is that vaccination will return only next week. The Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) of Niterói reported on Tuesday evening (24) that there will be no flu vaccination this Wednesday (25) in the city. Immunization will be suspended this week in the municipality. According to the municipal government, the Ministry of Health and the State Department of Health have not replenished the city’s stocks. The expectation is that the vaccination will only return next week. According to the city hall, Niterói has already requested new doses and will disseminate widely as soon as the vaccination sites are supplied. The forecast is that the doses will arrive by Friday, and the campaign will resume the next day 30. The Municipal Secretary of Health, Rodrigo Oliveira, warns that the vaccine does not immunize against the new coronavirus, but is trivalent and protects against the three viruses that most circulated in the southern hemisphere in 2019: Influenza A (H1N1), Influenza B and Influenza A (H3N2). “We are following all the security protocols recommended by the Ministry. It is extremely important that people in the target group protect themselves from influenza viruses and reduce the number of hospitalizations, complications and deaths due to infections, especially at this moment when we are facing another virus ”, says Rodrigo, explaining that the vaccine being applied is made with inactivated virus particles, so it is unable to produce the disease. The return of vaccination in the elderly will have a reinforcement. This Tuesday (24), the City of Niterói started a partnership with the Traffic Department (Detran). With the initiative, the Detran structure on Rua Desembargador Lima Castro, 276, Fonseca, started to be used to vaccinate people over 60 years inside cars, in a system drive thru. Vaccination will only be for those who are driving. Those on foot can be immunized in any health unit or in polyclinics. In other parts of the city, the flow of vaccination for the elderly happened in three ways: all the Regional Polyclinics and Basic Health Units carry out the vaccination of those who arrive by car in the vehicle itself. The only unit of Detran where the drive thru system was used is that of Fonseca. In the first two days, the Municipal Guard and NitTrans acted to guide the drivers. Health professionals organized the queues to avoid crowding. The teams of the Niterói Family Medical Program, in their coverage area, will vaccinate the elderly in their respective homes, including users with limited mobility and bedridden. Calendar  After completing the immunization of the target audience, formed by the elderly and health professionals, vaccination will begin for teachers from public and private schools, professionals from the security and rescue forces, carriers of chronic non-communicable diseases and other clinical conditions special – who must take the medical prescription specifying the reason for the indication of the vaccine. The third and final phase will be for children from 6 months to under 6 years old, pregnant women, mothers (mother in the last 45 days), adults of 55 to 59 years of age, indigenous peoples, population deprived of liberty and prison staff. The vice president of Collective, Outpatient and Family Care of the Municipal Health Foundation of Niterói, Maria Célia Vasconcellos, speaks of the importance of vaccination. “It is essential that we are able to immunize a large number of people from the target audience. Even those who have already been vaccinated last year, need to receive a new dose. Immunization is safe and very important to avoid complications ”, warns Maria Célia, explaining that the goal of FMS is to vaccinate 90% of each group.
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