Mutseniets first shared the details of the divorce with Priluchny

The couple of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny hide from their children the upcoming divorce. The actress first spoke about this and much more in an interview for the YouTube channel PeopleTalk. According to Muceniece, recently their relationship has been tense, often there were noisy quarrels that negatively affected children. As a result, the couple came to the conclusion that it would be better to leave before they hate each other. “Our union has come to the conclusion that we need to disperse. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me, this is an indicator. He does not understand me. I do not understand him. We cannot find a common language. We decided that it would be right to split up to remain normal parents for our children, ”said the actress Mutseniets noted that they manage to resolve all issues amicably, they intend to go through the divorce process quietly and without scandals. “Now I’m already sorting out the papers,” she said. The actress admitted that she did everything possible to save the family. “We have come to the point where I believe that if someone needs to go to a psychologist, then this is for him. And let him figure it out with everything that he prepared, ”the woman said. Mutseniece emphasized that she did not want to say anything bad about her spouse, but she had already run out of resources to save the marriage. “I want the children to never read anything bad about him that could defile his reputation,” the actress explained. Speaking about the fact that the children do not yet know about the upcoming divorce, the artist said that they want to hurt their psyche: “Timothy and Mia are at such an age when it is difficult to understand even the meaning of the word“ divorce ”. Mutseniets admitted that so far their life has not changed much, since she and Priluchny are often on the set. The actress noted that she is grateful to Paul for the years of family life. “I love him madly, and I think I will love him all my life. He’s a romantic, a bully, absolutely in my taste, ”she said. Agatha also admitted that she does not have confidence that she will again be able to build a happy relationship with another man. She expressed hope that Priluchny would be the first to acquire a life partner. “Then it will be easier for me,” the actress suggested. Recall that the couple met during the filming of the series “Closed School”, then their relationship began. The artists got married in July 2011, and two years later their first-born Timothy was born. Three years later, the couple had a daughter, Mia. Later, their relations, which seemed ideal to many, became the subject of discussion in the media on scandalous occasions. In January last year, Priluchny was suspected of beating his wife. The assault was reported by PR manager Mutseniece Mariam Halilova, but later the situation was hushed up. The actress has repeatedly said that their marriage is paused. Priluchny explained their frequent conflicts by the fact that they both possess explosive characters. In late February, the couple announced a divorce. In their Instagram accounts, they reported that this decision was difficult for them and asked the press not to bother them about this. “Our beautiful love story must remain beautiful, for this we need to stop it in time, which we decided to do,” the actor wrote. – We plan to officially terminate our relations, but we will always be relatives to each other and will love our children just as much, and maybe even more. Our relations remain friendly, everything happens mutually, with respect and in an adult way! Thank you for loved our couple so much, we love you all too! ”
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