Park Seo-jun, 'Bapworking Machine', is parodyed and frantic Jung Jun-ha (Video)

                    The broadcaster Jeong Jun-ha released the parody video ‘Itaewon Method Class’ through a personal channel. 25 Jun Jung-han’s YouTube channel ‘Jung Joon-ha’s Soori Gukbap (Production Red Sun Studio)’ A video titled ‘Red Sun Original Series-Itaewon Method Class’ was published.>In ‘Itaewon Method Class’, a collaboration between two dramas, JTBC ‘Itaewon Class’ and tvN ‘Method’, which ended in a favorable reception. “ Park Ga-Roi ” and “ Jeong-Jang-Jang ” completely transformed into two-person acting and attracted attention.Jung-Ha Jung transformed “ Park Ga-Roy ” to appear as a person striving to operate the hot dog shop, ‘Honey Balm’. ‘Park Ga-Roi’, who greeted ‘Jung Hoe-Jang’, a guest who visited ‘Honey Balm’ soon, ‘Don’t judge yet. My revenge is 55 years old ‘, and it parodyed the famous ambassador, and made a big laugh. Jung Jun-ha also ordered’ Park Ga-Roi ‘the most confident menu decomposed into’ Jeongjangjang ‘and was so delicious than I thought I was surprised at the hot dog, ‘Jeong Jeong-jang’ because of pride. “You can’t do it to me”, “I’m sure you should be hit by a dog barking plus stubbornness, stubbornness, and bluffing” and left the store with a charismatic appearance. The netizens who watched this showed reactions such as “Bob making machine”, “Really too funny”, “Funny suit”, “Laughing after a long time”, etc. As the fandom increased, the number of current subscribers reached 30,000.                                                                                                                          home                          Reporter Hyun-Duk Kim                                                                                                                                                                  copyright                     This article was published after confirming that the author of the article has the right to process or distribute the work from the original author.                         The copyright of this article belongs to the author, and Social News reserves the right to redistribute this article.                         Wikitree strictly adheres to the news storytelling guidelines.                                                           
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