State Prize winner Jancar: “Good news in this difficult time”

                           The APA reached him shortly after the announcement by email in his home office in Ljubljana. From there he sent the following statement: “Good news for me in this difficult time. Times are so concerned that everything in the world is far more important than literature. Nevertheless, literature has always spoken of the poor person, his vulnerability. But also about defiance, “writes the new state award winner. “What a coincidence: A few days ago a postman brought copies of a French translation of my novel ‘Der Galeerensträfling’. My hero Johannes Ott defied the Inquisition in the 16. Century, fled from the people and from the Plague that devoured Europe. My dear Johannes keeps his vitality alive until the last sentence of the book. I wrote this novel when I was young and the plague was only at home in literature and history books. Now everything is suddenly around us My hero is using medicines from that time, garlic, herbs and wine, he only says it at the end, and this is the last sentence in the book: ‘I will be sober in the morning and there will be none of these damn dreams. ‘ I really hope that we will wake up from these strange dreams soon, and we will look forward to life and literature again, “concludes Drago Jancar.                                                                                                            
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