The flu and delirium viruses

There are not many people but it is quite noisy that these days it not only spreads ignorance but over the plague it sows anger. The Nicaraguan Ortega organized a march against the coronavirus. Curious therapy like the one that López Obrador applies there, which encourages Mexicans not to separate but to get together. ”Get on with your normal life; let’s go ahead, don’t stop going out, ”ordered the president, who exchanges hugs with everyone as if nothing happened. When asked if he was not setting a bad example, the Undersecretary of Health replied: “The strength of López Obrador is moral, it is not a contagious force.” They are characters from García Márquez like Maduro, who has set up some fifty hospitals to face the pandemic. They say that most do not have electricity, water or medical supplies. And only 80 beds with respirators. And what does Maduro say? That you have the pill that cures the virus. He surpassed the insurmountable: that of Chávez appearing before him as a little bird, Bolsonaro does or did similar things and Trump who both affirms one thing and the other speaks of chloroquine as a remedy. You are not believed. A French virologist uses it and says: it works. Will they believe you? Here we could not be outside those worlds. The one with the flu and the one with the barbarities that seem free and we know they are not. The most extreme and ridiculous argument was heard from the Santa Fe Security Minister, Marcelo Sain, the same one who had said that the epidemic of drug murders in his province was seasonal. These are not or should not be times for, from relevance, speaking without thinking like Sain, who has just discovered more or less the cause of the virus among us: the chetos who travel abroad. It is the new account of an ancient ideology and pronghorn: the virus as a class problem. More than ideology, it is discrimination. The creation of an enemy. It could propose that the infected macristas not be cared for in public hospitals. Look also But beware of throwing the ball: among those chetos there may be some boss, such as Cristina, who left after the closure was implemented and had open borders to return. It will be necessary to travel with Cubana de Aviación. There is a compelling reason and reason to close borders: that those who return do not become infected. Almost all countries have closed them. Some to the beast as before the United States and now Peru, which does not allow anyone to enter or leave unless requested by another State, as Argentina should have done to send two Hercules. Look also It is not known which countries in the region have the most people trying to go home. Are they equivalent to those who fled to the coast and cannot return? Not everyone thinks alike in the Government about how many and how to repatriate those stranded outside, who are being brought in droppers. Very Argentine and almost delusional, this other: the rebel mayors who take their municipality as property and with the excuse of taking care of their neighbors, seek notoriety by blocking accesses. As they do not let those who are not local pass, there are food distribution trucks and canceled shipments. As ridiculous as cutting off all communication between municipalities that are separated by a street or an avenue. Later, if food or whatever is missing, they will say: I did not go. TOPICS THAT APPEAR IN THIS NOTE
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