Vaccination of the elderly against flu will begin at 2 pm on Wednesday

  Elderly people are concentrated in the health center of Cruzeiro (photo: Carlos Vieira / CB / DA Press) This Wednesday (25 / 3), vaccination against influenza in the Federal District will occur, exceptionally, from 14 h to 20 h, as informed by the Department of Health. According to the folder, the schedule change was due to the flight being canceled under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health’s logistics operator, that would bring the cargo with 216 thousand doses referring to the second shipment, with disembarkation scheduled for 21 h this Tuesday (24 / 3), at Brasília Airport. Thus, transportation will be made by land. The forecast is that the doses will reach the Vaccine Storage Center of the secretariat around 10 h this Wednesday. In this first stage, the elderly will be vaccinated. However, due to the high demand in the first two days for immunization, some health units reset the stock. The Health Department clarified that it received two batches of vaccines from the Ministry of Health, counting 136. 800 doses, and started a purchase process of more 100 thousand vaccines. So that stocks can be replenished in time and, mainly, to ensure that there are no crowds at health posts, the secretariat reinforces the importance of following the alphabetical order for vaccination. See the order: – 23 / 03 Elderly people whose name starts with the letters A, B, C, D and E– 24 / 03 Elderly people whose name begins with the letters F, G, H, I and J– 25 / 03 Elderly whose name begins with the letters K, L, M, N and O– 26 / (*******************************) Elderly people whose name begins with the letters P, Q, R, S, and T– 27 / 03 Elderly people whose name begins with the letters U, V, W, X, Y and Z Drive-ThruO drive-thru vaccination system has been expanded to five 14 points. Many preferred to use the resource, which allows them to be vaccinated without getting out of the car, avoiding crowds and preventing contagion by the new coronavirus. See the health units that provide drive-thru service: Asa Norte: UBS 2 (EQN 114 / 115 AE); Ceilandia: UBS 5 (QNM 16, Module F, Special Area), Olympic Village (steering wheel), Rising Sun (steering wheel) and School Class 66 Range: UBS 1 ( Setor Sul, Quadra 12); Guará 2: UBS 2 (QE 23 Special Area C) and UBS 3 (QE 38 Special Area); Lago Norte: UBS (Housing Sector Northern Individuals, IQ 3); South Lake: UBS (SHIS QI 21); Bandeirante Nucleus: UBS 1 (Special Area 3, 3rd Avenida); Riacho Fundo: UBS 1 (QN 7, Special Area nº 9); Fern: UBS 12 (Quadra 210 set 22); Taguatinga: UBS 1 (QNG, AE 18 / 19).
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