Westworld season 3: Duel between Dolores and Maeve, similarities between Caleb and Jesse Pinkman … Thandie Newton and Aaron Paul confide (EXCLUDED)

   Westworld season 3 is currently airing on OCS and Aaron Paul and Thandie Newton have already teased what awaits you.   A few days after the broadcast of episode 2 of season 3 of Westworld, we invite you to discover in exclusivity what Thandie Newton and Aaron Paul had to say about their characters, Maeve and Caleb. melty had the opportunity to meet the two actors before the broadcast of the season, and Aaron Paul took the opportunity to return to the role of his character Caleb, new to season 3. “The role of Caleb, it is to allow viewers to hang on to someone, to identify with a character who lives in this futuristic society outside of Westworld parks. And also to give Dolores another perspective on humans, maybe to be a little bit of hope for humanity. ”                           Caleb helps Dolores As we could see in the first episode of season 3, Caleb seems to be a complex character with good values ​​but a few concerns that push him to break the laws. A character somewhat similar to Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad, also played by Aaron Paul. “We can draw a parallel between Jesse Pinkman and Caleb because Walter White and Dolores are both motivated by what they believe to be legitimate reasons and they are not afraid to violate morals to achieve their goal. C ‘It is true that I always try to find characters with a strong moral sense “. A moral sense but also a certain sensitivity.                           Caleb and his colleague “I think it’s very important to see male characters having feelings. We teach little boys that they shouldn’t cry, that they don’t have the right to cry and I think it’s really irresponsible on the part of adults. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m not afraid to really reveal my emotions and let my sensitivity speak because I think it’s important. ” Like Jesse, Caleb has some conflicts with himself but that doesn’t stop him from trying to be a good person, and his instinct tells him to trust Dolores despite what he will discover about him. .                           Maeve in season 3 The one who does not trust Dolores – and who does not always trust anyone in season 3 of Westworld – is Maeve. Actress Thandie Newton explained that despite the fact that they are both robots, Dolores and Maeve could have a hard time getting along. “Maeve is not loyal to anyone other than herself. Even if they are several hosts who could ally against humans, I think it’s more complicated than that with Dolores, with Bernard… Because Dolores and Maeve never really got to know each other, they assume a lot of things about each other. What I would really like is for them to talk to each other, to get to know each other. ”                           Dolores and Maeve Contrary to what the trailer for season 3 of Westworld suggests, Maeve and Dolores are not sworn enemies. “Maeve was the favorite of Ford and Dolores that of Arnold, and in a way it is up to them to rectify what they have put in place. They are more like yin and yang than like enemies” . For Thandie Newton, Maeve does not want to kill Dolores but simply to be a little quiet. What could be complicated given the way season 3 started for her and after her meeting with Enguerrand Serac. Visit OCS in a few days to find out what awaits Maeve and whether Caleb will stay with Dolores for the rest of the season.        
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