Coronavirus: its treatment at the heart of the questions – putting the first one

During its press briefing, now daily, this Wednesday 25 March, the treatment of the Covid – 19 was at the heart of the questions. For the time being, ongoing studies do not confirm that chloroquine is a safe treatment for patients, according to Sean Casey, WHO expert.                               For the moment, there is no specific treatment or vaccine against Covid – 19, but several countries are working on it. Some have chosen chloroquine, a treatment widely used against malaria, as a preventive as a curative. But for the moment, the scientific community doubts its effectiveness. A hundred studies are currently underway around the world, but none has yet demonstrated the effectiveness of the treatment. “We don’t give treatment ‘like that’, explains Sean Casey, WHO expert dispatched to Polynesia for the Covid crisis – 19. Ordering a medicine is not a problem , but are healings abroad really linked to treatment? How can we be sure that it is not dangerous for the patient? ” Currently, Polynesia has 25 confirmed cases of Covid – 19, only in Tahiti and Moorea, including one hospitalized. Of the 32 people screened in the last 24 hours, none were positive. “We’re at the very beginning, tempers Sean Casey. Let’s say it’s a good sign for the day, but we can’t draw any conclusions. We are looking at the figures day by day.” Currently, the treatment administered in Polynesia is a symptomatic treatment, that is to say which treats the symptoms one by one: fever, respiratory syndromes, pneumonia etc. “I have the impression that people follow the advice and these are good trends, very important results and we have to continue like that.” The fact remains that the Polynesian population as a whole has many associated pathologies: “Here again, no hasty conclusion, replies Sean Casey. It is a new virus. We have never seen a local epidemic in a similar context in the Pacific. Yes, there is co-morbidity in Polynesia, but the population is also younger than in Italy for example, so we cannot know. Our objective today is to protect everyone. “
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