Knowing Covid … Public Smoking Warning Risking being stuck to Covid-19

Many people may wonder that Smoking in public places Risk of spreading the cattle 19 or not? Today we have the answer.                                     Smoking is not a good thing. And even the smoking during the Covid 19 epidemic is considered guilty and punishable by the law. The Department of Disease Control warns that smoking or even electric cigarettes When the smoke or vapor of a cigarette comes out Equal to the spread of infection because the smoke and vapors sprayed out. It consists of secretions, saliva, phlegm and bacteria. When sprayed, smoke or vapor will float for a long distance. Make it spread easily And if smokers are infected with cowvid – 19, it will be easier to spread the cowvid – 19 to others. Smokers, both normal and electric cigarettes, weaken the lungs. Addicted to cattle – 19 easily, so during the disease is spreading. It is the best time for smokers to stop smoking. To protect oneself and for good health too, but if someone violates Smoking in public places With a fine not exceeding 5, 000 baht, the Tobacco Control Act If we don’t smoke Is considered to help reduce the spread of Covid 19                                                                                                                                                    Follow Channel 8 on                                                                  
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