'Koi invite smiling' with long-distance love The girlfriend died, did not say goodbye!

                                                      A young comedian, Carp, smiles about the long-distance love that lost his girlfriend without saying goodbye. Via the talk show Show “My brother is the leader of the national musical group. Then when the sluggish silic ceremony turned to play a joke He went to play until the big team, he split into 4 teams, he lacked the backup, call me. I can work in Pattaya per day 100 baht, he told me to come back in a minute. Baht has been a backup for 6 years now. Now, Note notes that I find a funny one for me. I found one person in Lop Buri. Playing very well. He then rented the Note video to watch. When he didn’t see the ending, he called me. He couldn’t play. He pulled me out. Never thought of coming to play a joke I have a backup of over a thousand baht a day. I am satisfied. Now, when going out to play a lot of expenses as well Have to buy clothes, dress but get enough amount As for marriage Make up before playing funny. Because we work at the same place in Pattaya. Now my parents gave us to marry. Because we have been together for a long time and have been married for about 14 years and then broke up Because at that time like to enjoy betting Joke, leaving work, not going home, stabbing for fun Then his wife didn’t complain Nothing But wrote a very thick book about us, about like leaving work, not going home Holiday is not at home, fun to stab. In the end, he goes, we go to reconcile, but he resolutely does not return and he is bored. But there is a big loss After the note He stopped playing cafe. Now the Suthep team is clear. He lacked the actor. He called me to play. The first time I met this woman from abroad He opened a shop in Japan. He is confused why we are in this group, he asked for the number. When he returned, we called to talk. Have been dating for about 3-4 years, a week before his death he didn’t answer Until his friend called. My boyfriend died. His nerves broke. He is high pressure We couldn’t go to him. He performed a ceremony that over there didn’t have a chance. ”                              
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